3.0 to 2.25

If I were to put a 3 inch dwnpipe connecting to my 2.5 exhust will this be any more restictive than just haveing a 2.5 in. downpipee? I want to leave the option of a 3 in exhust later.

Also what do you use to connect all the piping such as downpipe to exhust and all intercooler piping? Not welding it, can you just use silicone connectors and a circular clamp? (Like on a CAI?)

Any ideas where I could get cheap turbo manifolds or a downpipe. It doesnt have to fit as I would just have flanges welded on.

If I have an fmu, and a b&M fpr, is there a need for bigger injectors for under 10lbs of boost? Inline fule pump?

What are the ratios for on an fmu(12:1, 10:1)

Sorry about all the questions Im just trying to learn as much as possible, and I searched each one first.

  1. putting 3 inch downpipe in front of a 2.5 inch exhaust will create a bottleneck effect on your exhaust…it wont necessarily rob you of power, but just creates uneccesary turbulence. however, this would be the more cost efficient way to go if you’re doing 3" exhaust later

  2. Exhaust is HOT! especially on turbo cars…Weld it or otherwise you have to fit the pipes one over another tightly and use muffler clamps(muffler shops can fit the pipes tight) save yourself a hassle and leaks…WELD IT! if you already have the piping it won’t be that expensive to get it all welded together. intercooler piping can be done like a CAI like you said, but none of that mess on the exhaust side, as temperatures can soar…

  3. ebay(good luck finding a really really good cheap one…you get what you pay for)

  4. no, injectors should be ok(i’d have them cleaned though), fuel pump would be a good idea

  5. check vortech’s website for that one

  6. the #1 thing you need to learn…slacking on a turbo setup, or any setup for that matter will get you nowhere but stuck in very deep holes…be prepared to spend lots on a reliable setup:up:

yup you cant be cheap when it comes to performance …you get what you pay for …dont take shortcuts n the easy way out…

Im not neccessarily trying to cut corners because that results in wasting more money. Im just trying to do it as cost efeectivly as possible. DAdreamin’, thanks for all the answers. I thoguht no one was going to help me out.

yo yo dA DREAMIN WASSSSUP!! im working on a turbo setup for the gsr i bought from you, hmmmm :stuck_out_tongue: yeah im trying to figure out the oil leakage problem but i cant mess wid the car wid snow everywhere!!! im being more patient this time
i got the car to pass emissions, yeahj the cat prob was the problem but i jsut detuned at (retarded ignition) and poored some emissions clean up stuff in it…