310 injectors from Greddy

Has anyone tried to use the 310 injectors from a Grddy Turbo kit. I put them on and used a resistor box from a 89 Integra. I wired the 4 black wires from the resistor box to the yellow and black wires from the injector harness clip. I then wired the red wire from the resistor box to the yellow and black wire from the distributor. I started the car and it idled rough so i leaned it out to -25 on my Field and it seems to idle like normal. I will try to get a reading of the Ohms before i try and drive the car to make sure they are around 2-5 i think is what the peak and hold are suppossed to read. Does anyone know for sure.

I would think since the GREDDY kits are made for later model cars, the injectors would be the Saturated type. Definately, get the readings on them to be sure.

I called Greddy and they said the injectors are peak and hold. Thats why they have the little blue box with thier kit, it is basically a resistor box.

i checked the Ohms and i am getting 4 ohms on the injectors now. Does anyone know what our saturated injector ohms are? I heard it about 12 ohms.