325 injectors?

I have a 92 ls and im in the process of gettin my teg turboed… but i was wondering i had see a set of 325cc injectors (i believe that was the cc) for sale and was wondering if that would be enough? Everyone so far is tellin me to get the 450cc dsm injectors but i know they need additional parts to be installed. Im confused on which one of 450’s to get when lookin them up they are all different years and colors… if i decide on the 450’s what should i get and which ones require the resistor box?

First of all what are you power goals? and what is your setup so far? thats going to determine what size injectors you need. Im sure those 325’s arent going to cut it. There is a ton of information discussing the different types of dsm injectors, you just need to search for it.

im keepin this as simple as possible… my goal is to reach around 290-300hp for my current engine… my swap is a different matter but that will come later… as for the set up its a completely stock engine except cold air intake… but i guess ill look else where for the info i need on the dsm’s thanks for the heads up on the other ones tho

the info you need is all pretty much here. i think all you need is the 5 ohm resistors and different clips for the injectors. but there such a common swap anymore that i think you can find the conversion kits on ebay but im not sure

all you info is in the turbo guide :slight_smile:

In my opinion 325cc would be too small. DSM 450’s either come with blue or black tops from the 90-99 Mistubishi turbo, either of which is fine. Since you have a 92 you will need to wire in a resistor box which is not that hard of a task. Let me know if you need a diagram. DSM injectors drop right in. You DONT need new clips. The only thing you have to do is hollow out the rubber injector seals so they fit into the manifold. If you don’t like the idea of wiring the box look for a set of high impedence/saturated injectors.

thanks for the info helps alot ill check those things out :slight_smile: