5 lug coversion

hey whats up, i was wondering if there was any way that i can do i 5 lug conversion on my da without useing the itr suspension. Can i use like the hubs for a prelude or and accord? i am just wondering thanks alot.

go home.:search: I think the father of vtec knows this answer.

if u search the topic u will find the answer…



ok well thanks for the site…and i did search… but the site isnt what i wanted to know. i was asking can i use any other 5 lug hub other then the ITR.

regardless of which hub u decide to use u’d still have to machine the knuckle in order for it to fit.

u can use the hub from a 97-up Corvette, 1994-1996 S-10, 2004 Dodge Viper (that one’s 6 lugs, but at least you could use VIper brakes and wheels), any 5-lug Mustang hubs. Yeah thats all you have to do. Its as simple as taking the wheels off and putting the new hubs on.

Whats the point of all this. :jerkoff:

How many 5-lug ITR swaps have we seen on this board?!

I’ve only seen one

there are at least 3 people on/were on this board that have 5-lug itr swaps done to there da’s

Battle Cat
And I can’t remember the last one…he’s got a black teg…just saw the pics recently.

:werd: search evil_240

Im the owner of the black one

Awe look at that… beautiful

I did my the right way also machining the ITR hubs no ghetto rigs on my suspension.

looks sooooooo good with those ITR wheels.


thank you Sir. The bronze wheels are advans RC’s. I want some black GAbs with a polished lip now. I’m such a rim whore.

very nice! im gussing that was alot of work and money?

actually I’m the fourth one to have the ITR brake swap on a torino red DA . :burnout:REAL FUN TO DO. :clap: just my 2 cents.

im also another member with the 5 lug (blue teg)… located in NYC…

5 lug teg squad in the houseeeee.