604/WA Meet?

… Been a while… Who wants to take the reigns? I’m too busy to set something up but I wouldn’t mind one last meet before my car gets replaced…

Come on guys, we need to figure out some sort of plan. If we had it in the states I would see if I can figure out some sort of plan, but most of the stuff I know of it just north of Seattle, and I want it to be central for everyone. :slight_smile:

set one up around Seattle ^^

We drove all the way up there last time maybe bellingham im sure theres somwhere cool to meet there

Yeah I was thinking BHam but we’ll see what comes of this.

Bham is good. I have to make a trip up to Canada this month anyways haha.

So R we going to get this going still???

i think bham will be great hope i dont have any military shit to deal with when we get a date lets try for july

Still haven’t got to replace the 92 ls coupe yet but, if you don’t mind I’ll show with the 88 LSSE with the Giant Tecate Can. Perhaps we could hit up Anacortes, Seven Lakes area and Mt Erie drive.

Here’s a couple pics from last time and a preview of Lake Campbell and Mt Erie.

BuMp! Let’s get this thing rolling! :D:manual: Where’s all the 604 PPL??? Buncha LOSERS :P. lol

i leave oct 5th for basic so lets get this thing rollin!!!

Doubt it’ll happen due to the lack of interest… Sucks really but ah well… i tried to rally the troops… :shrug:

bOOoOoo @ 604 guys. :frowning:

Can we set this up for labour day? wait…is there a labour day in the states? Yes, i just googled it. So yah, start planning now, make that the date and see how many people we can get? Otherwise it always happens on sunday and i can’t make sundays.

meet sounds good… "anytime "
highly doubt i be driving down to the states … damn border custom people :worry:

i dunno if im down to cross the border for a meet :squint:

fuck it! i am down to drive across the boarder, it was fun last year. :up:

even though it was raining like a mofo :squint:

I’m also down with crossing the border. I <3 Canada lol.

hopefully this year it doesnt rain :angel:

Any agreement to where the meet is going to be? I’ve never been to one and it sounds like it would be fun…