75mm throttlebody(edelbrock)

has anyone here ever used one of these before? i am thinking about this tb because it is cheaper than the 65mm and it is bigger, i just want to know if it will give me a good idle ie. not over 1k rpm---- yea, and i smoked some dude in a accord with my current engine being stock :stuck_out_tongue: haha i dont think he had much in his car though anyway, let me know if you have any info. thanks

i would hope you beat an accord they are slow . are you boosted or na
boosted go for it
na i think it would be to big

the 70mm and larger throttle bodies are race-only applications–i.e., they have no allowances for the coolant hoses and also no allowance for an IACV–meaning your idle will be crap with it. they are not meant for street cars at all. they are meant for cars that are only driven on a race track. the 65mm is plenty large enough for any kind of power you could hope to actually put to the pavement in a street-driven car. i’ve personally looked at, held, and compared the different edelbrock tb’s. they’re all excellent pieces, but for anything other than a race-only application with no road time whatsoever, go with the 65mm. :up:

The IACV is only on the back of the IM. You simply jsut bypass the FITV liens and run the lnie directly from the IM to the IACV. That’s what I’ve done with my GSR TB with FITV bypassed.

Got a pic, I need to do this as well because of my outlaw tb and im gasket kit…

No picture. But I will describe it as best as possible. Stock setup goes like this: Fitting on IM flange beside the ehater core fitting. That fitting on the IM flange goes to one end of the FITV under the throttle body. Then other end of the FITV goes to the IACV on the back of the IM. Then the other line comnig off the IACV goes to your water passage at the back of the block that connects to yuor water pump etc. Basically all do you is eliminate the FITV lines. Just run the line coming off the IM flange directly to the IACV input. then output still goes to passage. Very easy. Nice way to keep intake charge temps down too :slight_smile: Kinda sux on cold starts tho as now you don’t have anything to rev the car up adn hold while cold. So you have to hold the gas for a bit until coolant warms up enough for the IAVC to takeover. Longest it ever took me was prolly 1 minute of deead cold winter temps. Usually only maybe 10 seconds.