90-91 front bumper....

yea so i looked around and every thread i found is either way off topic or a million years old. all i want to kno is, has anyone been able to fit a small fmic in a 91 bumper without having to chop the entire bottom half of it off? i dont wanna switch to a 92-93 bumper if i dont have to

You have to cut it.

I was wondering this also. Since I do have a 90-91 bumper, I bought a relatively small front mount. The dimensions are 27"x5.5"x2". I wanted to keep the destruction of the bumper to a minimum since I would like it to be somewhat hidden. Has ANYONE had any success with a stealthy FMIC install in a 90-91 front bumper?

its not that you have to cut so much to make the fmic fit. its the piping!! if you can run a small half radiatior and run your piping through the support where the original radiatior and condenser where your in good shape… BUT if you can like me, you must cut A-LOT of the bumper… mine doesnt look bad b/c i have a type-r lip. i will try to get you some pics… Rus


^this guy did a pretty good job fitting his FMIC in a 90-91 front…