90-91 oem optional rear lip interest thread


I was thinking about getting Isport to make a replica of the oem optional rear lip for the 90-91. I’m trying to gather up some interest and see how many of your guys are seriously interested in this. I want to know if it’s worth the effort and Isport’s time. It will be in fiberglass and will only only fit the 90-91 rear bumper. Maybe isport could come up with a mold for the 92-93 rear bumpers later on in the future.

Doooooo it!!!

i’m in

i know there’s more interest out there! this is for those who complain about the lack of a rear lip…

i really dont see the diference between the 90-91 and 92-93 but fck im interested

I’d be in also as long as it doesn’t eat my pocketbook.

92-93 lip would be sick if it dont cause me an arm and leg

I’m in. I have the OEM replica front from JDP. I wouldn’t mind a replica rear lip.

yeah i’ll be picking up a lip from jdp for the front soon a rear to match would be sweet. i’m still debating on the switch to 92-93 front or get the oem optional lip for my 90-91 decisions decisions

I thought there was going to be more interest, it’s the only way Isport will make it. If not, I’m thinking about getting a composite engineering company in my town to make them. The rear lip is really nice, compared what’s out there (accord lip, “type r” rear).

I think it will sell well. I’d be in, if someone was willing to replicate the oem side kit too.


I’ll do it. I just emailed you.
I’ll call you tomorrow

I’ve been trying forever to get a 92-93 rear lip made. The 90-91 guys have more options than us 92-93 guys. Not interested in replicas though, I’d rather have an original design.

also interested if it doesn’t cost $500000000 lol

I just got the lip an hour ago. Ill take a look at it later and try to come up with a price

cool, sounds good

now…only if i could find the sideskirts…:angel:

Can anyone post a pic of this? I would like to know what it looks like :slight_smile: