90-93 DA with ABS strut bars

Hey guys just thought I’d toss this out there as I am sure I am not the only guy with a GS or GS-R with ABS that had a tough time finding a strut bar in this more modern era…

Found a seller on fleabay that has 3 more OBX/Forza type bars for pretty cheap. from all the exhaustive research I have done over the last couple weeks this is definitely one of the bar types that CAN be used on a DA9 or DB1 with ABS according to posts and info I found here and at honda-tech


I am hoping to get mine before the weekend and will update this post regarding the fitment etc.

Oh mine cost 44 bucks including tax and shipping.


there was also 1 Moroso bar that will fit ABS models


I personally wasn’t keen on the color.

Thank you for posting this, I just bought it for my teggy.
And on a side note, Did only the gs and gs-r come with abs? Because my rs has it.

how do u have an rs with abs?

My RS came with every power option except a sunroof.

wouldnt that make it a gs or ls?? RS dont have those options…i have one and its bare…no power windows, no power locks, no sun roof, and no abs…just the way i like it lol

That’s what i was thinking too, But even on my title it say’s its an rs

my title was wrong on my last da…it said rs when it was an ls…and for some reason this title says its an ls and its an rs…i think they mess that up alot…have u ran the vin?

I haven’t a clue how to do that.

if u wanna run it for free…do it ghetto like i did. go onto ebay in the classifieds section tho not just normal ebay. and post ur car for sale…it will do a free vin check and post it on the for sale ad and all your info will show up…its a free way to get a nice vin check…then just unlist the car once u read into it lol

Lol that’s funny. But i just searched free vin check, and i guess i have a GS

lol yea, i was gonna say an rs with abs and power options thats not possible lol

I was always confused about that. Even most of my friends would ask why their LS’s didn’t have some power options but mine did

I have a silver moroso bar that fits with abs

The easiest way to tell an RS from the others by only looking at the exterior is the mirrors are a different shape because they’re manual and the door handles are black. Of course that only works if the car is all original.

Looking at the vin number would be the most accurate way and it’s really easy to figure out

JH4 DB2 3 8 1 N S 000001

JH4 = Manufacturer, Make and Type of Vehicle JH4: HONDA MOTOR CO. LTD. JAPAN. ACURA Passenger Car

DB2 = Body Type DA9: INTEGRA 3D-Hatchback 1800 DB1: INTEGRA 4D-Sedan 1800 DB2: INTEGRA 3D-Hatchback 1700

3 = Door and Transmission Type 3: 3-door 5-speed Manual 4: 3-door 4-speed Automatic 5: 4-door 5-speed Manual 6: 4-door 4-speed Automatic

8 = Vehicle Grade
4: RS
5: LS
6: GS
7: GS with leather seats & steering wheel cover
8: GS-R (3-door only)
8: LSS

1 = Check Digit.

N = Model Year L: 1990 M: 1991 N: 1992 P: 1993

S = Factory Code S: Suzuka Factory

800001 = Serial Number U.S. Models: Start from 000001 Canadian Models: Start from 800001

wow ^^^ is some good info to know !!! I love this place :slight_smile:

Also glad I could help some fellow teg owners out :):slight_smile:

got my OBX/Forza strut bar today. looks like a winner for sure. Was very well packaged so despite the seller’s feedback on ebay they did a great job with it. Looks to line up perfectly. Wasn’t about to put my foot in my mouth like I did with that neuspeed bar :squint:

Should clear ABS as long as ya ditch the bracket like it says to in older posts regarding ABS DAs.

only real eye sore left in that engine bay is my valve cover LOL. that aside I can’t wait to pu this on and the DC bar in the back and see the difference next time I drive in the mountains :slight_smile: