91 INTEGRA, planning to turbo, need assistance!

I just bought a motor last week to swap into the car.

I believe it is a 94,GSR motor.

I still am running the b18a1. I know I will need to convert to OBD1 that’s not really the issue.

The issue is figuring out what components I will need for the turbo. I believe I know what turbo, manifold, and (possibly) intercooler I will be getting. Piping I still have no idea. I will be getting Hondata S300 v3 w/a COP conversion kit.

The two things I am stuck on right now is figuring out a fuel pump to deliver over 600hp (motor is rated up to 1k). A 255 won’t be enough, I can’t find anything bigger that fits on our cars. Which leads me to my next concern, should I worry about E85 right now or is that something I can deal with later?

The second thing is my battery. I can’t relocate to my trunk, it is filled with my subwoofer and I have zero intention on getting rid of it. Any way to keep the battery in the bay? Or safely mount a battery maybe behind the passenger seat with a vent tube to the outside? I have no AC/PS/Washer reservoir already, does thay help the situation any?

I’m sure there’s more stuff I am forgetting but this is all new to me. I hope to try and gather the rest of the parts within the next 4 months or so.

Piping will have to be custom. That will give you the most efficient result anyway, though.

I don’t know a ton about fuel pumps so my advice is pretty limited there… but in today’s world 600hp really isn’t much power… if we only have limited in-tank options, then you’d be looking at adding something in-line as well to make up the additional feed you’re seeking.

Battery… some people go with a smaller performance battery and tuck it under the front frame rails, wheel well/bumper cover area.

I don’t really care for that simply because of how vulnerable that makes the battery in a front end accident.

I guess the floor works, with adequate venting and mounting… but i equally dont like that idea.

A 255 should be good up to 550 so long as you pair with 1000cc injectors. I wouldn’t consider it maxed out there either.
For the battery, there are a lot of mounts for an odyssey PC680 but if you have a large stereo I’d consider staying on a full size battery.

With 500+whp and a large subwoofer, what are the goals for the car?

I could shoot for 550 to start.

Maybe i can pipe around the battery somehow?

And honestly just a fun car. I like my music and id like a fast car i can have fun with.

I always wanted a nice DA pretty much since I first discovered their existence and I was finally able to get one end of 2021. Now I want to make it nicer.

Here’s an oldy but a goody, throw back, that will answer lots of your questions. Some of it is dated, but much of it still holds true.

I actually read through that the other day :joy:.

Even downloaded it as a pdf incase the website goes down. It is amazingly informative.

You are going to want to think about e85 now if you plan to run it now or in the future. You will need to size your injectors and fuel pump for e85 if you plan to run it. You are going to need 1400cc injectors for 600+ hp on e85 and as far as a fuel pump goes look into a 450 with relay and wiring. As far as your battery if you get a agm i do not believe you need venting for it to be in the cabin.

Is an optima battery agm?

I plan on making my car e85 compatible but i don’t necessarily want to run it all the time.

I’ll actually probably run the fuel pump/lines here soon. Why do I need a relay if I am dropping a walbro 450 in the tank?

I had some other questions yesterday but I honestly forget them. I’ll be back and I’ll take pictures when i start putting it together, not sure exactly when that will be. I was gonna swap it prior to turboing and run that for a bit, but I think I will wait until I have all the parts. Haven’t decided yet. Also confused about just the gsr swap in general.

I think optimas are agm. You want to run a relay since a 450 pump will be wanting more amps than your factory pump did and your factory wiring is not large enough to give the pump full power.

How do I go about wiring up a relay? What size should I get? Would it replace the main relay then?

Might want to just consider buying one like this. Some other brand make them too. Fuel Pump Upgrade Harness – Burton-Racing

Think I could get away with that and a 255?

Not for 600hp.

Ah okay. I will still opt for the 450.

But getting this wiring kit I could skip manually wiring in a relay though?


Where can I get this information?

I’m not sure what sensors I need to buy for my GSR.

I’m gonna be running the evil energy kit from Amazon, also got a hellcat and this Honda Civic Acura Integra OBD0-OBD2 Fuel Pump Relay Upgrade Harness EK EG wire | eBay
Does anybody have any pointers before I begin?

Id also say the PC680 battery. Bloke in Ireland has one in his EE9 which has a a lot of power. Cant remember his engine setup, might be K20. Been a while since i chatted to him.

I just read the reviews and people are saying its not recommended for automotive use which sucks cause it looks like itd be a nice solution.

Does anyone here have any experience running turbo coolant lines?

I already do not have room for my oil drain or coolant lines im kinda stuck.

What is the reason they say not to use in a car?
Loads of people use them, even with V8’s.

Said its for rec vehicles and marine applications, not continuous use like a daily.