92-93 Bumper FMIC Fitment

Does anyone have the exact dimesions for the best sized intercooler to fit on a 92-93 front bumper? Without hacking the front grill or crash beam?


I know there are none that are specifically designed for the 90-93 Integras.
I’m not sure what the “best size” will be… and I’m pretty sure the “best size” will be different for everyone.
I was wondering if any one used an intercooler that has the inlet and outlet on the same side?

27x6x2.5 is the one I bought and I haven’t done any modification to the bumper… the rebar is still fully intact aswell

TeggeT, do you still have your A/C?
Any pics of your intercooler setup?

no I don’t have a/c… I still have to adjust the intercooler a bit so the whole thing sits in the grill… I dont have a pic of the intercooler w/ bumper on, but you get the idea…

the intercooler needs to be pushed up against the rebar to fit perfectly, should be an easy adjustment.

p.s. - dont mind the mess!

i shaved a good amount off the inside of my bumper cover to fit this well but the exterior of the bumper is complete and u cant see the intercooler hiding behind there very good which is good for the streets

heres the intercooler i used but i want a bigger one hahah

It’s so helpful to see these pics…
This is the only thing that worries me about the setup.
I take it, neither one of you’z 2… is running AC?
Did you guys remove the AC condenser?
Any more pics of the side where the i/c piping curves into the engine bay?

on the passenger side I have the piping going up the hole already there… on the drivers side I drilled a hole for the pipe to go through the fender well w/ a hole saw… unfortunately I dont have pics of this but it’s pretty straight forward… i’ve also noticed on quite a few setups without p/s that they run the intercooler piping up through where the reservoir was…
oh yeah and I didnt have a/c to begin with, so that was an added bonus

my car didnt have AC and i dont have power steering either… my charge pipes run through the washer tank hole and the intake hole
theres tons of pics of my setup here
but to see the piping

hope that helps but yea my setup u couldnt run ps or ac

I have to retain my A/C and P/S…I think I’ll be able to do it too.
florida + no a/c = not cool.

24"x6.5"x3.5" Core with trimming the grill portions off and very minimal timming on the rest of the cover.

Tchleung, 3.5 inch core is pretty thick.
Thats a big ass intercooler, I’m pretty sure you need it too.
I’ll have to use a 2.5 core and figures that I’ll have to trim the grill some.
27" length is perfect.
6" hight for me will be perfect.
2.5" depth so I don’t have to cut the grill and bumper cover that much.
I’m going to try and post all the DA font mount pics I can find in this thread.

Yeah it is haha. with the 3.5" core, I can’t go any wider IC without cutting into the cover alot as is, right now the edges of the endtanks JUST rup the bumper cover as you can see in the first pic at the bottom of the tanks. Endtank to endtank is 30", but the endtanks on my IC are rounded off, so this gives me clearence as well. If it were squared like most, I would have to hack the cover alot more Im sure.

^ i never get tired of seeing your setup. my eyes just came :jerkoff:

^lol, I’ll 2nd that!

Bumpz… any more FMIC setups?

Here’s mine:


this the one I have…no mods to the bumper what so ever



looks suck, but works great-