92-93 Gsr Production Numbers

Lets just say this took weeks and weeks and weeks. The following figures are based on running vins until they stop in sequence.

1992 GSR (USA)

3120 (#000001 and #000002 unaccounted for) = 3118

1993 GSR (USA)

851 (#000001 unaccounted for) = 850

USA Total: = 3968

1992 GSR (Canada)

602 = 602

1993 GSR (Canada)

256 (#800001 unaccounted for) = 255

Canadian total: = 857

Total North American GS-R Production = 4825

That brings the total to 4825 (accounted for by Carfax)

gsr 119

My friend just purchased a 92 GSR 119 Black! with 208000 kms

Cool, scanning the lists here it appears that from all the Canadian GSR’s that have their color noted, black is the most rare!

AHHHHH ill take credit for having one of those 92 gsr in usa

It looks like you have come up with the answer to engine #1 being in car #3.

Ya I was thinking that as well. Also something of extreme interest. 1992 Canadian GSR # 6 Was noted as white in 03/92. The same time the first owner was reported. The car seems to still be somewhere in Ontario. If it was OEM white, which the report suggested, we all know what that means… They made a couple white ones perhaps in Canada?!!

Update: After research led to me speaking with the owner through Facebook, the car had been repainted white in the mid 90s. There were no white GS-Rs made in Canada

I thought US got White, Red and Teal while CAN got White, Red and Black. Am I mistaken?

I’ve owned two of that total now.

#471 I bought after a friend totalled it. I still have the engine from this car. It will be going into #896 which I recently picked up as a shell from a friend.

so what is this one?

Not sure what you mean by “what is this one.” What color? Color is not stated, its been in Virginia since 95. Last odometer check 280,000miles in Jan of 2007. No accidents or damage reports. Can you tell me what color it is? Im trying to build my database. Sweet car, low number, shes a keeper!

In regards to the above quote about colors, yes you are mistaken. The US got white red and teal, and Canada got black, red and teal.

really? I’ve never seen a teal CAN GSR…

:werd: I thought they got Black, Red, and White in Canada. I know Canada had Aztec Green RS models.

the car is teal. Im sorry i meant is it a can car or us car? 92 or 93? the car has been hacked up pretty bad.

redline, if you haven’t already, contact Schu. He was putting together a spreadsheet a couple of years ago.

Oh really, thats interesing, surprised he hasn’t chimed in here yet. Where are you Schu? :slight_smile:

Surprised there isn’t much interest in this thread, however it should probably be archived for reference purposes. :shrug:

Thank you, this should definitely be stickied or something

when i get my GS-R this Friday, (Nov. 14th) I will take a look at the vin plate, I believe it was originally black? according to the owner, its a 92’ but over 300,000km’s :tsk:

Ill run the carfax on it if you want, chances are I already have it documented, let me know

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I don’t know, I’ve never dealt with the archiving thing before. All I know is that this thread will get burried if someone doesn’t do something. But again, maybe no one cares…