92 DB1 demo car for Cande Shop Customs in FL

Picked up this 92 Integra sedan sometime around april/may of last year. Paid only $800 for it. Sunroof wasn’t working and glass was cracked, car was slow to start if it’d start at all, suspension was sagging. Overall the body was in great condition.

This was a day after I got it (it was riding on the spare so I had to buy new tire)

and this was it just 2 months after I got it.

this was when I was delivering 6 deka 8a31’s to Maliboom for the malibu

Then got rid of the 15" fat fives and picked up some 16" motegi MR-7’s just to be different and I like the look of them.
I put on a combo of Skunk2 lowering springs on a set of Stagg (kyb knockoff) struts to stiffen the ride and get rid of the gangsta lean.

Got tired of the patented Pioneer whine from the DEH-P5000ub. Also wanted more crossover ability for the new build, so I went and picked up an Eclipse CD-7100.

Was going to go with this combo for the rear doors.

So I taped off the door

And started making a mold of the door.

Those plans have since changed with the great deal I snagged on some very good sounding mids.

While I’m building this one to be my shop’s demo car (which has plans to move to the Philly, PA area), I’m also keeping all the original parts for it to be returned to stock when I’m done showing her off.

Picked up these a while ago. :fyi: they are Honda Integra xSi One piece headlights

So I decided to give the lady a facelift



Found a piece that I find essential in every car. AN ARMREST. This one just happened to be from a JDM Integra and had perfect cupholders (very rare find from 20+ yr old car). It was leather wrapped and the leather was cracked. So I wrapped It in fleece that I had laying around.

Had these laying around from a previous car that I had planned on walling off.

So I picked up 2 12" Eclipse Ti baskets and had them machined to fit the 4" coil motors.

Stopped with the doors and continued with the subs.

Painted the baskets flat black and talked with a very well known friend about the soft parts. Here’s the outcome

All the amps with the crossover that was originally planned to go in the car.

3 of the 4 amps that will be in the car for power. (the only one missing is another just like the center one)

Mids amp

Tweeter amp

Sub amp

more pictures of the subs

Cutting away at the rear deck to make more room for things.

New hole?

Rear deck resined for stiffness before adding framework.

box is 4.821 (after port displacement)
tuned to 31.06hz

The space I had to work with

Pocket hole’s ftw. Only RIGHT way to build inside the vehicle.

The subs looking all great with their 10ga direct leads (DD style)

After some fighting gravity to load a close to 70lb sub into the enclosure

This week didnt get much work done.

Battery took it’s own life so I hit up my local supplier for a new one and 1 of the 6 deka 8a31’s that’ll end up in the trunk.

Rear deck miscalculation resulted in me having to trash that project and start a v2. Pictures of that soon to come.

Also got some SDS tiles in and covered the rear deck to avoid any rattle from the mids that’ll be going in the rear deck

Just goofing around I sat my soda on the roof looked back up and noticed it was dancing around.

This is only on 100w (before rise) per sub, box has still yet to be sealed off from the trunk as well.

Cande Shop demo car on only 100w 2 12s - YouTube

Awaiting the other 4-5 batteries and the 2 fuse holders I purchased on Wed. Then I can throw the Adassa on these 2 beasts and watch them come alive.

Sanding and body filler to keep me busy until that delivery comes in.

definitely would have kept the fives. but interested what you’re doing w/ the speakers

yea they were a mint set of fives, but I just grew tired of them over the year. I’d much rather have meshes or fits.

The speaker/sub package going in here will be on display at Spring Break Nationals March 2-3, 2013 if anyone wants to come take a listen.

That is a nice db1. Love the color.