93 integra, b18b1... Are there any complete bolt on turbo kits?

I searched Turbo kit but didnt come back with much. What kits are out there? I’d be happy as a pig in shit with 250WHP. I was thinking getting a bolt on kit, and tune it with uberdata. Sound like a good idea? I dont know what would be involved for the tuning with uberdata, I think I just need to get the ECU chipped? The car is a 1993 G2 integra GS.

Thanks for any help.

You can custom build a kit for alot less than you’ll pay for a full kit, and still make 250 whp.

ok, where should I start looking? What kind of turbo do you usually run to make this kind of power? I want something that spools really quick, maybe a T3T4 50trim, with a .36AR on the exhaust side so it spools really quick.

I dont see any manifolds really for this, or a bolt on FMIC application anywhere.

I looked around and found the Drag Turbo Kit. That sounded like it might be a good idea.

If you could elaborate that would be great. I mean, I asked this question hoping to get some direction… telling me I can piece something together for cheaper doesnt help me. Where can I source these parts that are cheaper?

I forget how much the Drag Kit’s are going for…but in about 3-4 weeks, if you have the time…I can probably put together a kit, install it and tune it for the price of a shipped drag kit with much better components. You’ll have 250hp easy.

Where is Sayville, NY? How far are you from North Jersey?

I’m on Long Island, about 2 hours from Etown.

I got prices of the turbo kit and the install, tune. I’m looking at around 4000$ for the drag kit installed and tuned with uberdata on a dyno.

I got a hook up on turbos, my other car a VW I have CRAZY shit done to it (550WHP), and have 2 sponsors so I can get some things like turbos and Wastegates, boost controllers, etc. for sick prices from them. I’m just looking for the easiest way possible to put 250WHP in this thing.

I bought the car, I love the car. No need to get something newer, it has 88000 miles on it. only thing is it doesnt have enough power for me. I know what 250WHP feels like, and that seems to be a comfortable power level for the motor, so thats where I put my goal. I dont wanna blow this thing up, its my daily.

Hope this puts my feelings about this upgrade, and my general knowlege level out there… :slight_smile:

I put mine all together for ~$2000

DSM 14b turbo
DSM 450cc injectors
Walbro 190 lph fuel pump
Custom charge pipes and exhaust
Oh, and we custom made our own stainless tubular manifold

Those are the main components, plus things like oil lines and fittings, boost gauge, etc.

I also bought some extra goodies like a J&S Safeguard and a really good clutch, so my price went a bit higher.

Either way it was pretty cheap, and we tuned it with Uberdata and it feels great. There’s another recent thread of mine on here with more info and pics.

Whats a J&S Safegaurd, and what does it do? Is that a block guard? I dont know what that does either…

The kit sounds good if you don’t want to piece it together, but that’s a bit much on my pockets(personally i don’t like the Drag 3 I/C, CheckValves, and fuel management). you can get a nice set-up for tons cheaper and pay to have it tuned, that’s what I would do.

LSD motorsports
Drag3 on H-T

Well what manifold should I use? I think I know what turbo I’m going to run… What about FMIC and downpiping?

J&S Safeguard is a knock detection unit. It has a knock sensor, and you can set it up to either retard timing (individual cylinder or all) or just use it for the sensor. Non VTEC honda motor’s dont come with factory knock sensors, so the Safeguard is very useful, and some will say necessary, for tuning. You can safely push the limits of timing advance alot more since you know when it is knocking.

They are really great units, but quite expensive. I paid $300 for mine used from a friend which was a great deal.

I actually looked up the Safegaurd, and I think that is cool as hell. I might invest in one of those for my VW.

how do you install a knock sensor into a car that doesnt previously have a knock sensor?

I’m gonna guess it just gets attached to the block somehow so it senses the vibrations of detenation like any other knock sensor.

I can get you all that an more for much less than $4000. Shoot me an email if you are interested.

The J&S doesnt come with its own knock sensor I dont believe…i think its intended to hook up to your factory one and effectively filter out the crap that is normally there and give you a mostly accurate reading.