a/f guage...help!

i have an autometer air fuel guage. it does not light up or anything. it use to work…but i have high under hood temperatures. could this have affected the a/f gauge? there is a wire that runs from the guage through the firewall to the engine and runs by the exhaust manifold to the o2 sensor. should i replace the wire in the engine bay or is there a better way to wire the a/f guage? please help!

Sounds like either your power cable(red, I believe) or GND(black) If it was your sensor lead, you would still get soemthing.

do you think it’s the black wire in the engine bay that connects to the 02 sensor that might need replacing. also how many wires are are there with the autometer a/fuage? btw…integracon…your integ is PHAT dude! ooks sweet!

if it needs to be rewied or if ne1 is installing one i would suggest wiring it inside the car at the ecu, easier right?

I’m assuming you didn’t hook the meter up yourself, right? On mine-also AUTOMETER, the BLACK is GND, RED is Power and PURPLE goes to the O2 sensor. Since you said it was working before, you most likely have a loose power or ground wire. If the sensor wire was loose, you would get 1 GREEN LED