A good fabrication/exhaust shop in the seattle area

Hey guys im looking for a good fabrication/exhaust shop that can fabricate and tig weld a downpipe from my turbo to my cat. I have all the parts and materials and just need it fabricated and tig welded. My bro actually knows how to mig weld but he has never tig welded before and I know that tig welds are stronger so I have to have a shop do it for me this time. So if you guys know of any good shops in the seattle area that are well priced, please let me know.

i would check out gregs welding in lynnwood. I saw your from bothell do i possibly know you?

Stan’s headers in Auburn.
They do great work.

Thanks fot the replies guys. I will check those places out. Could I just take it to a reg exhaust shop like midas or something? Or will they charge more…