Acura_madness part 2 build (secong gs-r)

Whats going on guys i ran into another project with a red milano gs-r. The body on it was great not alot of rust in it. Purchased it back in october in 2013 and parked it in drive way. didnt do anything with it since my son was born and had to put it on the side plus we got hit in jersey with some cold weather and snow. Talk about a crazy winter we had here. here are some pics of it and yes i towed it with my crv. Hey who said awd CRV cant pull cars lol. Cant wait to work on this plus my white frost gsr i sold it to a friend.

This weekend coming up i will try to work on this car

Alright hopefully everyone enjoy there easter weekend so i work on the car this weekend finally. Wanted to do this for long time on my white gsr but never had the chance since the two jobs and newborn son so had to put it on the side. Mounted on 11 inch rotors all way around like the nsx. Also put on the nsx calipers front and back on my red db2. All postive and negative comments are welcome. Just wanted to share this with you guys.

That looks pretty sweet, Nice! I see you also went 5 lug. I like it.

Thanks dude i was going to get the rear wilwood big brake kit but it came to be the same price but i just wanted to stick the oem version.

sorry for stupid question - how expensive was that ?! NSX brakes ?! AEWSOME :smiley: i would love to do this to mine but need to get nsx power first then i will think how to stop that beast :smiley:

The question is not stupid they were a bit pricy but ok price not as buying new wilwood brakes new they cost alot. I have this project at works now still working on it I will give feedback when I get the car driving and let ya know the pros and cons.

so here is more pics of the car with the stock bay everything is oem expect the battery looking forward to removing a few things of it like the MC / booster , abs system off and power steering system off, cruise control and some other misc items to make the bay clean.

Started to take the bumper of and headlights off and radiator too.

ive always wanted to do that brake set up! good job!

is that the blue ox or roadmaster tow bar? I am trying to figure out if I should go with the tow dolly, auto transport or tow bar to tow the integra. How do you like the tow bar setup? Nice pickup. I have yet to see a milano red db2 with decent paint :bawl:

thanks bro i have been collecting them and finally got all of them and put them on lol

what i got was reese product and also here is the link so you can check it out i got it at autozone did the job for me. Yea almost all db2 milano paint always fade lol.

Which base plate did you use? And what does the base plate attach to?

the base plates are called blocks. so you would take of your bumper off and attach to the frame. they bolt right up where the oem bumper blocks are. i used two 12mm bolts on each of the tow bar blocks and held really good i will see if i can take picks with the blocks attach to it.

You work fast man. Already into another…

Love it love it, solid start:up:

[QUOTE=BLKACK1;2314581]You work fast man. Already into another…

Love it love it, solid start:up:[/QUOTE]

Yea bro the winter was bad couldn’t do anything but now I’m trying to get it ready lol i see u still on yours.

The base plate/block kits are about $300 on Is that about right?

Seems kinda of high on the price do you have pics or a link to check it out . Sorry about invading your thread. You are the first guy that I know that has towed first DA with a tow bar setup. I appreciate the input

Love the NSX brake conversion. Would like to know the cost when its all done. Keep up the good work!

it looks different then mines i have to remove my bumper of and then put in the blocks on the frame and then attach it. This looks much easier to do since you can leave your bumper on

Thanks bud. yea i will let every one know when im done with it since i want to try it out just been busy with life and family.