adding a shot to a semi-built ls/vtec

I’ve searched in this forum but haven’t really been able to answer my questions. I’m building an ls/vtec right now and I’m considering adding a 50 or 75 shot to it once it’s completed(14’s would be nice but 13’s would be oh-so-sweet). If I do decide to do it, I want to make sure that the engine can handle it. The car will have around 170-180whp when I’m done with it without the nitrous. My main concern is that I was planning to use shotpeened LS rods and stock b16a valves. I know the rods could handle the extra power of just the ls/vtec, but with even a 50 shot on top of the 170whp I am worried they wouldn’t hold up. And I’m not sure if the valves would hold up either or if the compression is too high. And I think I’ll also need to mess with my fuel system like new pump, injectors, etc, since I’m going to be running 11:1 compression.
So basically the more research I do on nitrous oxide the more expensive I find it is. Here’s a list of everything I could think of so far to safe guard my engine and rough prices. Please let me know if you think a price is too high or too low or if something I listed is unnecessary or if I forgot something. And the nitrous will only be used on the strip(ok maybe once or twice on the street just for a smile).

stainless steel valves ~ $300
Eagle rods ~ $350
VAFC(or similar fuel controller) ~ $300
colder spark plugs ~ $40
bigger injectors ~ $350 (didn’t I hear somewhere that prelude injectors will work and are a good upgrade?)
adjustable FPR ~ $120
A/F, temp, etc. gauges ~ $150
2-3 hours on the dyno ~ $200
and of course the kit itself ~ $500

BTW, are there any nitrous kits out there that come with a lot of the stuff I listed above? Like the spark plugs, injectors, fuel pumps, gauges, FPR, etc…??

Eric! Man, we need to hang out! How’s the engine building going? Glad to see the RS coimng along. Hit me up on AIM sometime, and we’ll chat some.

About the Prelude injectors. From what I understand, they’ll work, but I think you’d be better off with DSM injectors (440s).

You can get the Apexi V AFC from eBay :smiley: for 240 shipped. I just bought one a few days ago. I can get you the sellers i.d. if you cant find it. Also - you can save some $$ w/ those injectors. for 300 you can get some nice rc injectors - or for around 100 bucks you could get the dsm’s that do real nice i’ve heard…

a buddy of mine has an ls vtec setup w/ 100 shot of NOS and the motor is stock …other than just a ported head and ctr cams…and motor is still living…after a dozen times at the track pushing that button of 100 shot of nitrous… and does low 13’s to low12’s 1/4 mile…did i mention he daily drives the car also…

dude dont naws your built motor. use the money more wisely and boost it. first thing you can consider is calculating the costs of the system and refills over 2 years if not 1 year. it’ll equate or surpass the cost of a junkyard turbo rig. also note that those kits use the fpr to raise fuel, which by todays standards is crude fuel management.