All Jasper Green DA9's & DB1's

So i figured since just about every other color that G2’s came in had a picture thread i thought that i would start one.

Here are some pics of my DA to start it off:

my apologies if pics are too big :slight_smile:

It seems everytime someone starts a jasper green thread it gets delelted in acouple days for some reason. I’ll wait to post mine.

Resting after a day at the track in 2006. I miss her :argh:

mmm, so tempting. I almost bought a jasper green da9 back in 02, but it was kinda rough.

Irie with her free new set of slipstreams courtesy of my nephew who parted out his DC. (taken with crappy sidekick III camera =( )

And also my transporter

Had this car since 01 and it only had 118k when i bought it. Now has 152k compared to my 97 integ 4dr which has 157k and they have a 7 year difference. I swear everytime I think of selling it I log on here. Then I change my mind. Thank you G2IC

go dj. yea dats my dj…

i would love to have a jasper green DA/DB1

i didnt like the color at first. but i wanted to get back into a DA/DB i didnt really care. i didnt even but the year that i was planning on. but i have another DA so im happy.

i miss my aztec green gsr :frowning:

but its kinda like it. just a lot lighter so i guess its alright.

^ ur pictures have that old “feel” to it

[QUOTE=Archon;1902496]Resting after a day at the track in 2006. I miss her :argh:



I love this thread. Jasper green ftmfw.

Original poster - That last pic is hotness. For some reason I love hubcaps lol I have the same ones…

anyway less talking more whoring. Here’s my shitbox.

my DB1 is under big tyme re-construction…not really pics worthy, but it get getting all of the body work done in the next few months and then repainted Jasper Green…hardest part has been finding a clean Tan interior!

here she is, when I got her and then now…Had it about 2months

the day after I brought her home

Then i replaced the F’d up fender

Then the front bumper

Runs like a dream tho, I have a set of 15" Wheels I just powdercoated, and a set of Tein S Techs…


i think i post that in every other “color DA” thread lol…

my DA is really rough and needs a lot of TLC. right now its rattle can olive green. waiting to replace few front end doors rear hatch and new rear bumper and get some body work on the driver side quarter panel before respraying it jasper green…

heres one of the “better” pics of my car…

its shitty but i LOVE it…and hey what can you say for costing $700 with B16 swap…

Pic courtesy of DarkDB1. Thanks Alan:rockon:

Still here and untouched. If you want her back…

lol i didnt see this thread and i posted another one… lol

f me.

anyways, here’s my 90 ls, stock in pictures

still a work in progress. it’s hard enough to find the time to work on her nowadays.

mugendaxsi is that a type r?? if so thats my dream motor. but i wanna go boost and R’s dont like boost too well

and B2wamp you are farther along than i am. so i wouldnt complain.

how long has everyone had their cars??

ive had mines since about march or april.