All you guys using the half sized radiators......

What type of modifications did you guys need to do?

come on guys I need to know??

i switched to a half size radiator due to the cramped up engine bay on our cars. i installed a dual core del sol radiator in place of the factory one so i can get more air to circulate in the engine bay. i took a little modifying but it’s in and have not had any problems.

sorry…fogot to tell you what mods. first i replaced only the radiator hose to the reseve because it wasn’t long enough. next i placed some rubber bushings at the bottom of the radiator to help hold the radiator in place (i placed my radiator on the passenger side). then i took one of the brackets that held my original radiator in place and bent it around to fit on to the new radiator. sorry if this does not sound clear to you. email me at if you have any further questions.

i made custom upper & lower brackets out of aluminum.

Qwkteg - do you have any pics (i need some ideas)…it seems like I can’t fit any radiator in my car because my manifold. I wish I could post pics but somebody lost my usb cable for my camera. Right now I am tryin to fit a 92-95 civic half sized rad in my car but it sits real high. Like 4-5 inches to high and I can’t close my hood…WTF, this is the only thing to do until I get my car on the road and there is nothing I can do. HELP somebody. Thanks, Evan

I heard of people using Neon rads in their hondas, any body use one in their G2???