Aluminum Spoiler '90 teg

Hey All,

This is my first post, so don’t go too rough on me.

My previous car was a 1989 Honda Accord… drove the wheels off that thing, finally was on its way to the graveyard after 230,000+ miles.

So, I bought an Integra on eBay (what an experience), and it came with some blemishes (front windshield cracked, damaged passenger door, etc.), and I got all of those out of the way.

Now, I really want to get a spoiler for this thing, and I’m a college student so I don’t have a lot of money. I was thinking a conservative aluminum spoiler as opposed to a factory spoiler, mainly because I wouldn’t have to paint it.

I am looking specifically for a wing I’ve only seen called an NT5.

It looks like this:

I wouldn’t mind having a nice factory spoiler either, just the paint really throws the price up there.

Let me know if you guys have any insight.



personally i dont like grocery cart handles on cars;)

Originally posted by ilovetomod
personally i dont like grocery cart handles on cars;)

[B]that was like the stupidest thing ive heard or read today!!

give the guy some help!! dont go stupid on him!!:D[/B]

its an opinion moron…get over it:p. My advice is track down a stock wing that is the same color as your car so no need to paint. but its not my car and if you like the look of an aluminum wing, by all means you should get it. your car should be an expression of yourself. i was sharing my opinion…:smiley:

I’ve been ebaying spoilers and looking on the net for factory spoilers, but they fact spoilers are like 230+ unpainted.

I don’t think I’ve come across any factory painted spoilers for my car.

Any pointers on where I might find a cheap one?


local junk yards may be a good idea or people on here or other acura forums who are parting out there cars. prob find the best price there… check out . you might find something you need or want:D on there… hope that helps

ok here’s my opinion.

dont go for an aluminum wing, alot of people think its rice, and it serves no purpose since ur car isnt crazy fast, so theres no need for that wing.

wat color teg did u get?? cuz u can paint the spoiler urself, its super ez, red is the hardest color to paint if u have a red car.
yeah, stick with the stock spoiler.

who cares what other people think? i don’t know anyone who mods their car for other people’s liking.


It’s red (Torino Red Pearl Metallic).

I just got a new door and a quart of paint, but the paint was like $60+/quart.

It just looks bare and I think there needs to be something there.



that aluminium wing is definately not Conservative, like you say

you can get a DA6 JDM stock spoiler on ebay for $84 shipped. with the LED brake light, true JDM. and yes, you’ll have to paint it yourself, nothing is that cheap and easy.

and I can’t imagine where you found a stock spoiler for $230+…ripoff…

I’ve seen that, but only in plastic, tell me if you find it in metal.

Just look through the classifieds on this site. There’s always someone wanting to get rid of their stock spoiler. Torino red might be harder to find than most though :\

I definitely wouldn’t get an aluminum one though…

i have a black spoiler from my 91 if youre interested

How much and do you have any pics?


ummmm, so would that spoiler be for all the downforce your “rear wheel” drive car needs?

if you really want a stock spoiler, go to, and chek out their buy/sell section. I trust about 90% of the members there, and people are always partin out there cars. I also found some stock spoilers for about $150. But you should be able to get a spoiler from a junk yard for a lot less. I reccomend the junk yard, at least you know what you are getting.

a guy that lives near my gf has a wing on a g2, i wanna go over there at night and rip the fucker off

hrm… $230 unpainted… ill sand mine down and put it on ebay… :slight_smile:

i was planning on getting a $300 carbon fiber wing… $70 aint a bad price to pay for it… i dont know if i got a rs wing or not on my car tho… it was put there from another integra is all i know… maybe somebody knows pictures of integra wings they can show me?

Originally posted by ilovetomod
personally i dont like grocery cart handles on cars;)