Any Holset Users?

Anyone running a Holset turbo on there car?

Here’s the set up I’m thinking of (just the basics):
HX35 Turbo
Spoolin Street Power A/C manifold (unless there’s some way I can get a custom top mount to clear A/C but I doubt it)
525cc injectors
255lph fuel pump
Garrett Intercooler (29x8x3)
2.5 IC piping
Synapse BOV
Synapse 50mm wastegate
3.5" or 4" DP (whatever I can fit)
Full 3" exhaust

Engine is an internally stock B16A, only planning to run 8-10psi for now. Car will be tuned with ECtune/Neptune.
Comments welcome.

If your only planing on 8-10 for now go for the hy35 the spool is better on the b16

I’ve been reading through the over 100 page Holset thread on HT.
With the HX35 people are getting full spool before 5000rpm on a B16.