Any Indiana or Kentcky guys/girls on here???

Just seeing if there are any guys near Southern Indiana or Northern Kentucky guys/girls on here??? Or in Kentucky or Indiana at all?


Hey i live in Evansville, i just bought a 92gsr :slight_smile:

Awesome!!! April 28th there is a Ice cream Cruise, down here. If you would be interested show some DA pride! lol

DA6 NE IN. Sounds fun but dont know I would drive that far for a cruise. Would like to head out to Import Alliance this year though :slight_smile:

Yeah buts it not just a cruise, lol Yeah I would like to go to import too. But the moved the one in TN to NC so I won’t be going lol

But here is what is going on

I live in Lexington, KY.

Awesome you going to the Cruise they are having in Louisville?

And we should get enough people in our area, and have a meet. Is anyone interested?

Probably not. Just got back from commercial diving school in Louisiana and the local diving company sends us out of town often. Anyone know of a clean rolling chassis or somewhere I can get a new radiator support put in/frame straighted? The r-tards that owned my teg before me messed it up.

Well if ya do let me know, I want to take some pictures. I would say your best bet would be pull-a-part. How bad is it?

Bad enough that the lights can’t be adjusted without them being seriously out of whack, the hood and bumper don’t line up right and the caster on one wheel is 1 degree off of stock. I could be a cheap bastard and round out the holes to get the body parts to line up, some '86 Accord radius rods to fix the caster and some 1 piece headlights so they don’t look all out of whack BUT I think it would be better to get a new support put in and the frame straightened.

Well I found a guy where I’m at to realign my back quarter and get then dents out of it and paint it for $250 —> the damage I drop my car off, Friday I hear he does good work. When I went to talk to him today about dropping it off Friday. It was about 4 O’clock when I stopped by and he was drinking beer <_< that kinda made me wounder but I saw a car he worked on and it looked good. So I am going to see for my self if it is as good as I hear then I will let you know and it might not cost as much as you would think. There was a DA at pull-a-part man I would go get that and take it to a shop ( unless you are doing the work your self)

I’m not going to attempt to weld a core support. My welding skills are horrible and I wouldn’t even know where to start on straightening a frame. I do need some other odds and ends for my DA so I think a trip to pull-a-part is in order.

Well I do know someone who welds good and know of someone who dis some impressive body work ( but he does not work at a body shop). What all stuff you looking for man? I have little stuff laying around. Just checked there web site no 90-93 integras right now :frowning:

Push button climate control, drivers side mirror and possibly a back hatch. The dimwit previous owner scraped off the defroster when he removed the window tint. I didn’t worry about it for a while since I didn’t need the defroster in Louisiana.

Good god what an idiot, sorry I don’t think I have any of that stuff laying around. It is getting a kittke harder to find stuff in our area for the DA at least I think so, are you on 502street scene?

Yeah I’m on 502 with the same screen name.

Some gut I know has DA shell if that would intrest you more it is a 93. what year is yours?

Mine is a 93 LS.

If you can post a picture so I can see the damage