Anybody with a Supercharge G2

Hey wassup everybody. Well anyway all i hear about is turbo chargers but nobody really talks about superchargers.Well if im planing to commute back and forth. Would it be th best idea to supercharge it instead of a turbo or a nos kit.I want power in my daily driver so i think i need one of the three. Just wondering which one i should go with?

I will be dyno tuning my Vortech Supercharger this week, hopefully my website will be up to so you can see it. I just have to slap a belt on it and go. I bought the civic SI 8psi aftercooled kit for use in a GSR (B17A engine is same block/head as civic SI). There are fit issues you have to be willing to work around, mainly the ABS must go,GSR P/S pump must be swapped with SI pump or just removed, custom AC and P/S lines. Yes I will have AC, P/S, and I only boost when over 75% throttle (I forget the actual value but I think it’s 75%). I went with Hondata for fuel management instead of the Vortech FMU setup, you will have to work out some map sensor kinks if you wish to use it. JRSC’s have major fit issues with the brake booster, I haven’t heard/seen any good success stories with the JRSC. Let me tell yah Vortech isn’t easy, once I am officially boosting I will write a requirements/install guide article for g2ic.