anyone have a 62-1 turbo on a LS/VTEC motor?

I was wondering if anyone is running a 62-1 turbo on a LS/VTEC setup?

and if so can you help me out on getting a nice setting up started, i was looking for about 350 to 400 HP to run on a street car. What i need help on is to know what parts would be good buy like in turbo manifold,wastegate,intercooler and what size front mount.

thanks for the help

I don’t have a 62-1 but I just got a Precision SC61 which should flow as much as a 62-1 but is more efficient. This going on a B20/vtec. I think you’d be fine making that hp with a Garrett t3/t4 60 trim, t3/60-1 or Precision SC44 with a Revhard or Inlinepro mani. I wouldn’t run a t4 flanged turbo like 62-1 unless you are running an equal length mani and/or hi-comp.

so a rev hard manifold should be good, What mm wastegate would be good with a 60-1

Go at least 40mm Tial… dont screw around with a 32.5mm DeltaGate or a 35mm tial…

If you are gonna spend the big money on a 60-1, get a good wastegate to go with it

91TSi- 16MG with a delta

Pete did I tell you? I’m going 700-3 on my talon! :naughty:

You bastard, I had my 700-3 on order thinking I was gonna be the only DSM in the NE to run a 700-3… so I guess I will just have to machine my own and call it the P800-20



Well i was wondering if anyone is running the full-race turbo kit right now and how is it.

And if anyone is what turbo are you running and what is the E.T. and trap speed you guys have.

i saw the full race kit on a G2 and it looks real good thinking about buying it