Anyone running exhaust on driver's side ?

I’ve rarely seen it but it solved a lot of space issues on my setup.

I’ve been waiting weeks to get any help from my buddy who finally never helped in the welding process. I ended up buying a 120V Lincoln 85A mig welder. Best buy i’ve ever made in 5 years at least (exept from my turbo:P)

I’ll post pictures of the final result. If you have any, post it here.:slight_smile:

i did mine that way, kinda like the hks system, how the muffler comes out slighty angled. i’m not happy with it at all. it’s mostly my fault, for not fabbing it up better, but it came out way to low. you will have to go below the rear suspension, because the fuel lines run above it. i scrape everywhere. i also made another mounting location right in front of the gas tank, to relieve some weight. take your time, it can be done. i just got a little excited to get it done, and didn’t think it through.

do you mean the downpipe or exhaust?

i think he means instead of directing the exhaust over the rear wheel on the passenger side, you go over the driver side. Interesting concept, less bends.

^yes, but you’ll run into the fuel supply lines, so i went below the control arm. that’s what messed me up. you can go up top, but i’d be a little iffy w/ heat, and fuel being soooo close. here’s pics, you get the idea.

in fact it seems a bit low under the rear wheel…

but what i was rea;;y talking about was the downpipe !!
sorry for not being very specific

thelate1: nice exhaust though, you could wrap it near the fuel supply area so that heat wont be an issue.

yea my turbo setup is drivers side downpipe. it works and i have lots of room for an intake pipe and all that. I just took out A/c but retained p/s


A friend of mine’s dad is building a sick ass Alfa Romeo and he did something I’ve never seen before. Not sure how he did it, but he took a 3" pipe and flatened along the length of the whole thing to make it like an oval. It was only like 1.75 inches tall when he was done. This allowed him to run the exhaust almost perfectly straight back and still have good ground clearence. Plus it still had the same cross sectional area since he started with a 3". Apparently its pretty common in rally cars for ground clearence reasons.

wrap it just to be safe, but I think it takes a lot higher temperatures than one found in exhuast to ignite gas inside a line.

475 degrees autoignition on gasoline, flashpoint is -40 degrees. I’d wrap it if I were you.

i was actually thinking of doing something like this for my downpipe. i want it to be higher then the center crossmember because when i bottom out i dont want it to hit my downpipe like how it hits my header at the moment and grinds it away. i wouldn’t think it would restrict flow either because its still the 3’’ pipe…flatter but wider.

I have my setup like this, exhaust side of turbo on the driver side. It gives a lot of room for a filter and what not, but it was a PITA to shave the crossmember to make room for the 2½ in. downpipe…

But in the end, it was all worth it :slight_smile:

i always forget to take pictures of mine ! But i didnt have to shave the crossmember even though i have the 3’’ downpipe… its a thight fit of course and the oil return is twisted like a snake, but it worked out.

finally put them on, we can’t see much but it fits like a glove

why don’t you guys just run it strait out the passengers side if you want to have a straiter pipe, or my friend ran his strait down the middle of his 93 gs-r with a slight angle in it to run out the drivers side where the cut out is on the bumper

wouldnt there be a ground clearance issue there ?

yeah theres a clearance issue with the strait pipe way but i don’t see how there would be with just coming out the passengers side instead of going back across the back of the car to the drivers side, isn’t that how jdm integras come stock?

You all could just take a little time and make a template, use a marker or grease pen or something. Trace around the exhaust cutout and make an exact copy of the outline on the other side. Cut both pieces out, and switch them. Then you can do it or have a shop do it, but switch the sides.

I plan to do this in the future cause you don’t really see them on the passenger side often.