anyone running the AFI bseries kit ??

the shop i go to recommended the afi turbo kit at …was wondering if anyone has bought this kit and how it was… another question…any other kits with the same quality for a cheaper price…1500 - 2000 being the budget

there kits are very nice. Arizona forced induction. they do good work but there swamped, Full-race is your other option. I doubt 4g’s is in your budget. AFI is the way to go, or piece your own kit together.

that kit looks very nice, if i was planning a new setup, that would look very appealing.

i just finished getting the motor ready…and just ordered the kit…ill let u guys know how it goes…the shop told me in about a week after tuning they can have it up to 350 whp safely on my stock b18 … well its a rebuilt b18…and they just tested the compression said i was good to go…pics soon!!

can u guys recommend any good 550cc injectors

precision injectors or rc what part of jersey u in

hillside nj next to union u?

I have Precision 525cc and 650cc in stock in Jersey.

Curious…what shop is doing the work for you?

the shop is called NOS…located in linden off 1 n 9