APEXi Twin Chamber BOV....anybody ever use this?

The reason I ask is I’ve got one on my car and was just wondering how you set that up. Since it has the 2 chambers I was just a little confused I guess. I know where to adjust it but I know some BOV’s use the adjusting screw and nut for the sound and some for when they open. Make sense? Any info would be great. Thanks.


Is this an older hks twinchamber bov? I used one of those about 4 years ago on my supra, always gave me $hi*, as a matter of fact im not even sure they make those anymore ??? you sure its not a ssqbov?


im using the older hks ssbov in my setup and it sounds kool to me. it whistles perfect. about the apexi twin chamber, i hear people say it sounds similar to the turbo xs bov. it makes a pretty loud whistle.

a friend of mine has a t-25 on his crx and he has a apex twin chamber bov and his sounds ok but the lack of boost in his car s the reason for the weak swooooosh lol