ATTN RAY: your turbo

Ray, I’ve seen that your quote thing is the power of the dark side. Does that mean B20B turbo?? If so I’ve decided to go the custom turbo route instead of spending the $4000 for a kit and I was wondering (assuming you have a custom turbo setup too) if you could tell me what parts you used to peice together your own turbo?
thanks for any replies

Are you located in MISSOURI, :smiley: , i hope so if thats what MO stands for on your location, never heard of raytown if so

Yeah I live in Missouri but Raytown is a town right next to Kansas City so St. Louis is about a 3-4 hour drive. So anyways Ray where are you??

Raytown, haha I like :cool:
here’s a quick shopping list of parts you’ll need to go turbo:
exhaust manifold for t3 turbo and deltagate wastegate flange
t3/t4 Turbo
2.5"-3" downpipe with flex section
2"-2.5" mandrel bent intercooler piping
deltagate or 35mm tial external wastegate
hi-pressure fuel pump(able to support 100psi fuel pressure)
fmu(fuel pressure by boost)
weld/tap 1/2" oil return on oil pan
turbo oil feed line and oil return line
silicone hose couplings and hose clamps

Custom fitting the piping is probably the trickest part.
Let me know if you have questions.

i have a brand new FMU and delta wastegate that i’ll sell

Thanks a lot Ray that helps me out a lot. Yeah I guess your a famous man around here, everyone knows your name. If we ever have a founders day I’ll make sure I tell you. Although I hope we never have a founders day because having one in your town is one of the first signs of becoming a Redneck Hickville. Anyways, thanks. 93b17a how much are you charging for those parts??

ok this is what i have its from the drag kit, and its brand new, never installed:

delta wastegate
vortec FMU
Airtex inline pump (the pump that comes with the kit)

hows $300 plus shipping let me know what you think