Austin,TX bi-weekly G2 meets

This monthly calendar will help both the regulars and newcomers know when and where the bi-weekly meets occur at a quick glance. Having it on the front page will make it easy to find, especially for the newcomers and lurkers. The calendar will be updated monthly, but if you have any events you want me to add to the calendar, just post it and I’ll update it immediately :bow: .

EDIT 9/25/06:

The meets will be held at Walnut Creek Park (12138 N. Lamar Blvd.) at 2pm. It’s located near the corner of Parmer and Lamar. We chose the spot because of the centralized location, large parking spaces, and abundant shade (something the Pepboys location didn’t have). We’ve also had a BBQ there before, and may have another one there soon.

X marks the spot:

See you guys at the next meet.

oh snap you guys are still alive

bad news austin crew, i might be transferring to UTA here in arlington due to my crazy situation with school and home issues. it’s all up in the air right now, but i’ll keep you guys updated

Don’t do it Chi. A degree from UT will be worth more than one from UTA. In order to control the population, UT has been continuously upping their admission standards making it tougher to get in. You’re already in. Don’t blow it.

Longhorns :up: Mavericks :down:

how many gonna show up to the next meet. I’m comin with an extra DA, maybe we can beat that avalanche meet!

I’m going to be there with atleast one other car maybe two. My shoulders much better. I pinched a nerve and kinda lost my shifting arm for awhile.

Can’t wait to see ya’ll again.

Don’t forget about our web page, do we have any photo’s we could add to it.

Looks like I’ll be at the next meet too.

Jon, glad to hear your shoulder is better. BTW, I still have your discus thing rollin around in my car that I need to return to you.


i plan on being there. is it at normal time or 6 or 7. btw guys i got me some better front tires. and for the first time in almost 10 months she rides so sweet now. cept for my brakes. any one know the size of wrench needed to fit the rear caliper bolts ? i went to change them out, and couldnt get my socket wrench on it, so i used a normal wrench and it didnt move, i also used carb cleaner since its the same thing.

For the sake of not confusing anyone, this meet it will still be at the normal 2pm. We can discuss any possible time changes for future meets on Saturday.

Mike, the two bolts holding the caliper to the knuckle are 17mm.


One of the new guys couldn’t make it but said he’d be there for the next meet. So I might only have 1 or 2. Not all of them are g2’s but a Teg lover is a teg lover, plus our club name doesn’t discriminate

ima try my best to make it out i may be there alittle late, what does it end? hey jon what is ur sn on here? it travis we met at that home depot car show that saturday after it rained if ya remember me.

Hey Travis, this is my sn. Hope you can make it, if ya can’t, try for the next meet.

Oh yea, just wanted to remind ya’ll of the CIA-TX site:

well guys due to it being at 2 i wont be able to make it, i have to work. damn i was hoping it would be later… well have fun guys, vdo thanks for the bolt size…

ok well i think i might be able to make it but only for an hour. if i go into work an hour and half early and then hope i get my lunch break at 2… so wait till like 230 before you guys bounce i can stay for pics and to bs for a few

hey john im going to swing by that guys house with the blue da and see if i can buy the rims from him. . that poor da has some autozone ricer tails on it. paint is fading . it needs to be resuced…

Buy the rims for your car? What kind are they?

Hopetosee you at the meet.

they look to be 16’s maybe 15’s 6 spoke gun metal no off set. but i dont know im kinda stuck in my ways about rims … 5 spoke black. no offset. spokes dead even with the lip of the time. these are they rims i dream of

scroll down to the bottem of the page and on the left side there should be a rim that is black 5 spokes and its called race mod…

and i wanted to be at the meet so bad, that i was actually pissed for opening my mouth and telling my boss that im able to work all weekend. but i told him today that no matter what every other saturday i need off…so i will be at the next one. and i got off work today like an hour after every split…

That sucks, next time keep your mouth shut. I found out it works better that way.

See you at the next meet.

well guys unless one of you happen to have an extra starter laying around i dont think im going to be able to make the next poor teg is starting on barrowed time. and i dont have the 130 after core charge from vans to get another rebuilt one so i am s.o.l.

What about Advanced Auto or Auto zone, or o’rylies. I know I miss spelled that but I DON’T CARE!

well vans auto parts had it for like 180 with out the core and 129.99 with the core. and it should be going on this weekend…
any one know the size of socket needed to get the starter mounting bolts out

hey guys, been a while since i’ve posted here

well i finally got some good news, looks like i’m coming back to austin in the fall so i’ll be joining up with you guys then

and luckily there’s no bad news to report