b16 rear motor mount bracket

hello guys…im havin problems with my b16a install…the motor didnt come with a rear motor mount bracket. we tried to use the b18 bracket but it wasnt long enough…we asked around on honda-tech and people said we needed a rear motor mount bracket from a 2000 civic SI…got that one and its still not long enough…has anyone encountered this?

dude I just dropped a JDM b16a1 from a 89-91 xsi into my 93 ls integ and used the stock b18 bracket … ???

Same as prev. poster, No problems using the b18 mount when I swapped a b16 into my car.

You haven’t by any chance attached all the other mounts already have you? If so, you may have your engine cocked too far forward, and that is making the mount “too short”. That is the only thing I can think of that would give you what your seeing. The rear mount was the first one I attached, then the tranny mount, then the driverside mount, then the front mount. All loose untill all were attached, then torqued them up to specs.

yea everything else was attached…we were waiting for radiator and rear motor mount bracket thats why we attached everything else…we’ll try to disconnect everything else and do the rear first…thanks ill keep everyone posted to how it works out

here are the pictures

first one is a question and a picture of the whole thing

here are individual shots of all the mounts installed

anyways I have another question about the 02 sensors and stuff …please look at http://www.hondaswap.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=69423 my thread on honda swap

ps … I forgot …is it ok to use the throtle body from the b18a … because there is a hose that is larger than the b16 outlet … I swapped the thortle bodies to ensure I could hook that center vacum hose in the middle on the top of the throtle body …???

update…took off all mounts and re-installed motor using rear first…now it fits…this was my first motor swap so thank you guys for the fast response…

Awesome, glad it worked out.

Hey 93-b16a1-swap, operator207. I looking at doing the same swap. OBD-0 engine into my 92’ teg. Are you using a OBD-1 §§§§§ and what Ecu are you using? Also did you have issues with using you B18 fuel rail?? Thanks in advance.

mine is in a 90. I have an obd1 b16.
used the obd1 distributor, and an obd0 to obd1 harness. used the obd0 injectors and the b16’s fuel rail. I used the old injectors because I didn’t want to dork with the injector wiring and removing the resistors. this was the first import swap I did but had done ~5 GM swaps in the past. it wasn’t that hard. if you want hit me up for any questions you might have. my contact info is in my profile. Or just make a new thread here and point me to it. I don’t want to jack someone elses thread.


I haven’t started mine yet but … meaning I don’t know if it will run …find out on tuesday 5/23

93 integ

I have an ob0 b16 from JDM xsi 88-91 < from hmotorsonline.com

I got a Distributor [TD-44] OBD1 B16/GSR/ITR VTEC 1992-1995
and got a chipped p28 ecu both from rywire.com

Keep in mind I used my stock b18a obd1 wire harness and just added 3 wires for vtec…

I also used my obd1 fuel injectors with harness on the b16

I had to use my b18 fuel rail because the b16 fuel rail ports the line right accross the radiator hose … so when I use the b18 rail the fuel line is about an inch off the radiatior hose… the only draw back to the b18 fuel rail is it gets in the way of one of the sensors on the intake manifold … I had to create a custom plug for it to fit …

Next was the fan switch was further back then on the b18 so I had to extend the wires… other than that … I had to remove some vacum diaphram dealy from the intake manifold and plug it up along with another vacum dealy right near the Throtle body.

anyways I could go on and on …but thats about it …email me if you have any questions…jcevo1001((at))gmail.com

the only question i have now that the engine is in is that my mechanic is telling me its taking him so long because the wiring harness doesnt match up with the stock one…i told him about the 3 extra wires but he said the actual plugs dont fit…i was under the impression that the 88-91 b16a plugs fit directly into a 91 integra LS wiring harness… maybe i got a messed up car or something idk? or maybe he’s just sayin that because he’s lazy and doesnt want to work on my car…so today im gettin it trailered to another friend who knows more about honda’s and he’s gonna try to figure it out…but if u know of anything or could give me assurance that it does fit with stock harness and my mechanic doesnt know what he’s doing that would be great


rywire dot com … if you have the $$$ its 40-50 bucks vtec hub harness … tell them James Coupe sent you …

Sounds like he will need the OBD0 → OBD1 harness from rywire.com too.

That is what I bought, and it was easy once I got that. Looks like you got the OBD1 B16. The car side of the harness, is it cream colored or gray? Engine side of the harness?

Cream = OBD0
Gray = OBD1

Harness from rywire.com = ~200 bucks for everything you would need. They are great guys.

This should be everything you need: http://rywire.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=33&products_id=87&osCsid=5318d9f7f607c9fa6c4b88ca325c5035

i havent gotten a chance to look at my car recently since its in a friends garage and he’s rarely home…but im guessin mine is obd-1 if it isnt hookin up right…ill go in an check tomorrow

is it normal for them to send the wrong motor? because i have heard of them doin it before…just didnt think i would get lucky…so i guess ill look up the specs for the obd1 motor and see what im workin with

I ordered the b16 OBD0 for my swap, no LSD, just the b16 and tranny combo. They ended up sending me the B16 OBD1 with a YS1 and LSD. The guy that I spoke with told me the only reason he could think of that caused them to make that mistake, was because the Valve cover on it was for a 1st gen b16. Even though everything else was 2nd gen. Ya its possible, it happened to me. I am not complaining. 10 extra HP, abit of extra torque, and a short geared tranny with LSD for $1600, hell ya!

I bought this: http://www.jdmcustoms.com/b16a020.html

I got this (with a cable tranny and LSD though): http://www.jdmcustoms.com/b16a024.html

The site does not have what they actually sent me, but the above gives you an idea on the price difference. (I would imagine the hydro tranny would cost abit more than the cable tranny, not sure though)

so do i need the 190 dollar harness that includes the jumper and vtec subharness or do i just need to vtec subharness

If the mechanic has been able to get the car harness plugged into the engine harness, then maybe on the vtec harnesss. You will need to know the answer to my questions about cream and grey plugs in my May25th post. if those do not match you need the full harness. If they do match, then you will just need the vtec harness.

well damn…went and looked at the car today and the engine harness that was on the new motor was cream colored…so im guessin it IS the obd-0 motor…but what i dont know is why they “said” they were havin issues with the harness…so now i have a obd-0 to obd-1 harness comin from jdmshit.com and i think i dont need it