b16 turbo burning oil need help

B16 turbo 100% stock b16 compression test results were 220 210 210 220
Leak down test were 9% 10% 10% 14%
I know the comp test results are fine but wanted input on my leak down numbers…
Also the cas has been running perfect for the last 6 months since i installed the turbo and tuned until a few days ago i startex the car and there is blue smoke at idle and a light haze behind me while driving…any input is appreciated

How old is the Turbo. The oil seals may be going bad in it

Dont know exactly i got the whole turbo kit with the turbo used i was thinking turbo but at the cheapest place here its $400 plus to get it rebuilt… so i wanted some feed back on my leak down results to see what others leak down numbers are

Removed turbo today and saw that the exhaust wheel was slightly wet so i took it to Turbo Power in cameron park Ca and they said: it needs a rebuild and that the oil drain ive been running is too small causing the oil to back up and get by the seals…so rebuild and larger oil drain are in order… turbo will be done in a week or less cant wait to get back on the road boosted…i put it back to stock and dont want to drive it