B16a swap first time on the track

I am posting this to see what I should be run at the track. I am going to take my 90 with a B16a swap to the track for the first time on Wenday. What should I run? Is there anything tthat will help me run faster? I am going into this blind and any help is good help thanks.


since i was a first timer not too long ago, here’s what i’ve learned:

to help run better times (just to name a few off the top of my head):
weight reduction (get rid of that heavy sub&amp, spare tire, back seats, passenger seat, etc.)
good launch (consists of good clutch and throttle control)
fast but smooth shifting
tire pressure

For the first run, take it slow…get to know how long a 1/4 mile is and know where the exits are (and who exits first).

Don’t worry about reaction time for the first couple of runs…take your time and go when you’re ready. The time doesn’t start ticking until you cross the starting line.

Also don’t worry about the guy lined up next to you…it’s just you and the clock…it doesn’t matter who crosses the finish line first (unless you’re doing bracket racing, which i doubt)

and most importantly…relax. Everybody at the track was a first-timer at one point, so there is nothing to be ashamed of. The pressure of fast cars, and spectators can really get your mind side-tracked. Just focus on what you’re doing…nobody can see who’s in the car :wink:

Have fun and good luck :slight_smile:

normally I would say something like your going to run a 48.32 @ 24mph, but its late, I’m bored and still have an hour before I get off work.

so here goes…

  1. what he said above is good stuff. do simple things to reduce the weight like get rid of subs, the spare and everything in the car you dont need (like tools and shit). also, take out the back seats since its pretty damn easy to do. People dont realize how much of a difference weight can make.

for instance, in a thread on VWvortex we were just talking about how this n00b ran a 14.6@95mph with a Chip, MBC, K&N Drop-in, Ebay 3" Downpipe and 2.5" Exhaust and another guy with only a downpipe, BOV and MBC ran a 13.37@105. The difference? the guy that ran the 13.3 did a lot of weight reduction.

  1. make sure you have full tire pressure in the rear so you have less rolling resistance and low tire pressure up front so you hook better.

  2. like he said, dont worry about anything but you and the clock. your reaction time has nothing to do with your 1/4 time so go when you are ready.

  3. if you dont know where to launch at yet, start out at around 4000RPMs. This should give you an idea of a good launching point. if you spin to much, lower the rpms next time, if you bog down, raise them. when I had my teg w/b16 4400 was the perfect launching point for me. now in my Jetta I cant launch above 2200rpm or I spin like a motherfucker. point is, all cars are different, do your best to find a good rpm.

let us know once you’ve run and good luck!

good help

I just got done with my fir time here is my times. I thing that there is somthing going on with the timing it doing feel right.

yo jus type the times out i can barely read that shit.

17’s with a 2.6 60’

you need to bring your 60’ time down to atleast 2.2 or 2.3 (assuming you’re on street tires).

Launch harder, shift faster

yikes. keep practicing man, you could do a lot better.

Shit dude… is VTEC even engaging?! I mean… I see the horrible 60 foots. Yes… if you took them from a 2.6 to about a 2.2 just say… you should knock off about .6 off your ET. Usually, the rule of thumb is for every .1 off your 60’ = .2 off your ET. So if you dropped .6 off your best run of 17.whatever, you should run a 16.4 with a 2.2 60’. To me… that is Still horrible with a B16 swap if it was done right and Vtec is engaging properly.

I just went to the track tonight was well in my 91 RS and pulled a 15.434@87.37 with full interior and no mods other than cut-off muffler.

Keep at it and make sure your car is runniong right. Have any CEL’s? Is your knock sensor there and working right? If not… you will have no VTEC.


not vtec

It was not the Vtec. I got a timing light and fix the timing I going next week to find out if it will make my time better. I think it will because it was bogging at 3000 to 5000 rpms

Just curious…what is the elevation at the track where you run this?
Also a note worthy add on…RS’s are the lightest DA chassis. No sunroof lack of options etc…
I am a little upset now…my car weighs in at 2626 with me in it…no back seat, ac, ps, crx rear x-member, CTR lightweight pulley…the list goes on…

my best so far is a 15.4 at 91mph…
Elevation is about 3700 ft here at our local track and the prep sucks…but my 60ft’s are in the 2.2 range Im just amazed to see a non-vtec DA run that fast.
Not trying to flame you
Ranting over!

I am in NJ, so the elevation is pretty low here. Trust me… I was expecting 16’s…lol. Little did i know that would happen.

This is what my slip looked like from that run:

R/T: .403
60’: 2.232
330: 6.372
1/8: 9.850
MPH: 70.65
990: 12.781
1/4: 15.434
MPH: 87.37

I love my little DA RS


My teggy has the B-16 with the LS trans still… similar times but about 4-5 mph faster…Racing in Phoenix tomorrow night…should be alot faster

what did you end up running that night? I remember me and my buddy talking to you but I dont remember your time. (we were driving the red and silver tegs)

Best run of the night:

RT .323
60’ 2.101
330’ 6.157
1/8 9.502
mph 72.75
1000 12.407
1/4 14.880
mph 90.48

Although I did get a 2.07 and 2.02 60 foot time later in the night
that was the quickest run

I also ran a 14.89 @ 91.4 (w/2.07 60’)
and a run of 14.9 @ 89.8 (w/2.02 60’)

I feel a little more vindicated now!

see people dont know about the LS on the B16…do you have an upgraded flywheel?

they don’t know what, that its not the best set-up?

honestly, a b16 is not meand to run with an ls tranny. Because of the high reving characteristics of the b16, the ls tranny will make it land out of its powerband when he shifts. It takes longer to get up to his powerband, especially with a low-tq motor. Calculate the shift landing points with a ls tranny, and compare it to a b16 tranny. Now compare those landing points on a b16 stock dyno graph, and tell me which tranny theoretically will yield faster 1/4 mile times, and in essence yield a faster car. but in the real world not all drivers are the same, and most drivers suck. So the more help the better, and a b16 w/ ls tranny and a bad driver will yield a mid 16 second car. My ls runs mid 15’s. You obviously don’t understand the basiscs, and therefore think and ls tranny is good for a b16, when its not. The reason for his fast times, are that he must be a great driver, and looking @ his 60 ft times that proves it.

people that run a b16 w/ ls tranny don’t do it because its faster


  1. they don’t have the money to buy the tranny
  2. they cannot find a b16 tranny
  3. they are like you and think its a good set up

We could probably go back and forth with this so I won’t even bother. It all depends on the driver.

Next time :stfu:

next time get your facts straight. If you disagree and know i am worng, then prove me wrong.

Anyways i do agree it depends on teh driver, i mentioned that, but teh b16 tranny is going to give you a faster car. You think Honda engineers are retards, and that is why they put a short geared tranny on a high reving torqueless motor? Obviously they are, and should learn from you because you know whats best. If they thought the ls tranny was the best for the motor, they would have put it on there. BUt no since you must of have done tons of research and experiments, we should believe you because you say so. Go work for honda and tell them what you are telling me, and lets se if you don’t get laughed at and fired. Bitch next time don’t tell me to shut my mouth, because you need to close yours. All you do is have a great e-mouth and run it all the time. Get your fact straights and prove me wrong. :giggle:

Look at him go… :rockon: you are so smart…

no but actually I DO run it all the time not just on the internet…but thanks for noticing fag.

I love making friends. :hugs:

Edit: Oh, and I never said you were wrong…i just said it all depends on the driver…touchy touchy…write another paragraph in my behalf though…i like it :giggle: