b17a turbo build help please

hello this is my frist post sorry.heres a sorry i got the cAR and motor/tranny for free as a gift from my lil brother frist thing i found was the motor was leaking coolant and oil badly so i wanted to rebuild it so i took the motor apart and i wanna build it for 20 pounds of boost roughly 450hp, i hope . i have a some question about how to build this motor. I got the motor with with std forged wisco pistons 81mm .i know crower is the only one that builds rods for this crank the rods are 5.208 i was wondering if i can use these pistons with a b16 crank and rods that will save me 400 bucks easy for other parts and who makes good vavle springs for the pr3 head god i kow im a newb but im sorry my grammer sux and my questions bu its info ive been searching for since i joined this fourm and a few others and on top of googling and calling honda/acura tech al over texas nobody know if i can use b16 crank&rods with these pistons please help thnx

Stock rods will handle ~450whp. No need to change the crank/rods… if you used B16 rods and crank it would no longer be a 1.7L motor.

u sure i thought they could only handle like 350 but could i use a b16 crank/rods as a second option ? with the wisco b17a pistons ? help im stuck if i get the crower rods im broke ican get b16 rods and crank and bearings and valve springs and start building turbo kit

Yes, b16 and b17 pistons are the same. If you use a b16 crank, you must use the matching rods. Same with the b17. I’m in the process of rebuilding my b17 for boost as we speak. You don’t necessarily have to upgrade the valve springs either. Stock rods with handle 350-400 reliably with a good tune. I’m going to run weisco pistons with arp rod bolts. Also depending on the size of turbo and psi you’re running will define your hp. Why is 450 your goal horsepower? The higher the hp the more likely things will go wrong and the more expensive it gets. If you’re concerned about going broke maybe you shoukd lower your goal. It’s a slippery slope. Just do your research. The b16 is damn close to the b17 for any parts and questions.

well i was wanting to hit 450hp cause that would just be a lil more than the other guys that live around me plus my brothers mx6 is hitting about 340 i wannted blow his doors off hopeing too push 16 too 20 psi i have money just wondering if i can save a few bones for paint and slicks and other fun goooodddiees thnx afor the info i can get rods and a b16 crank for around 400 bones thnx

First things first… If you’re wanting to BUILD and turbo a motor, don’t try to save money. Go with what has been proven to work and is reliable.

10/4 ok i wont go cheap ima order rods tommorrow and acl bearings and keep saving thnx for info i hope they still make them or i can find a set from crower