B18A1 Turbo

I’m takin my stock B18A1 stock motor with 160k on it and goin over it from top to bottom. I’ve been thinkin and could use a little imput from anyone who would be willin to help. My plans include a whole crower re-build. Crower dual valves and titanium springs, stainless valves and stage 2 turbo cams. Then i have decided on cp pistons with crower steel billet rods. The pistons bein a 81.5 mm bore and a 9:1 compression ratio speciaifically for the turbo. Besides that i am goin to do a angle job on the head and a port and polish. Other than that i believe i am leavin it up in the air. So feel free to coment on this so i have some input from some other people.

I was gonna do a full crower setup for valvetrain too but a race shop steered me away from crower. They told me that when they used crower valve springs that they are really stiff and bend valves. Jus letting you know what I heard.

u need em with the 403’s, dont need em with the 402’s

i have never heard any probelms with them, but i have never had a set

I would find another race shop, the Crower VS & Ret’s have proven themselves over and over again. Maybe you or they are thinking of the Skunk2 VS’s.

Weak valve springs bend valves due to valve float at high rpms, and when the valve springs are too firm, they will wear the rockers and cam lobes.

Do yourself a favor and read up in the turbo forum, actual builds with actual results with no hearsay. :think:

Buy a set of Crower 403’s, run a 9.8:1’ish compression. You will make some serious fun horsepower.

Yes, I know they are considered all motor cams, and you will need a good tuner for idle and partial throttle to be good, but it makes the LS come alive.

i have an extra ls head laying around with crower valve springs, retainers, and mild port and polish. it has the stock valves in it, but if you are interested, let me know. e-mail me at jtodd@shockleyhonda.com.

I just completed a rebuild top to bottom on a 160K A1, 1990, drove it for 6K and installed a complete (custom) turbo system. Still trying to figure out some things, (like where to put a winshield washer unit); not much real estate in those engine bays. I used Ferrea valves and crower springs; too strong for the rockers so I had Crower make rockers which cost more than anything else in the motor. It adds up though; it pays to replace almost everything that seals or moves. My crank, sleeves and cams are stock. If I ever need more power (god forbid) I’ll replace the cams; the sleeves are an expensive process and likely not worth it unless we decide we want to boost over 15#. We’re running 10# now because its a daily driver and want it to last, getting 200 whp and 200 lb/ft tuned conservatively.

I have Rocket motorsports springs and retainers and supertech valves. the rocket valvetrain is another company that has been killing it as far as valvetrains. I think there still available for the LS( that’s what I got). as for Vtec heads, there valve train matched with there M22 cams have been providing exceptional power over the crowers.