b20 almost ready for boooooooost

hey fellas just checking in again. almost done building my “b-serious” project and wanted to update ya’ll and ask for advice.
I had my b18 block inserted with aebs sleeves bored to a 84 mm spec to match a set of weisco pistons 8.8:1, eagle rods h beams, act clutch flywheel and street disk, stock crank and pulley, cometic headgasket,
I am going to strapp the LS head on there but i was wondering what i should prep it for. I was already going to have it pressure tested and all that good stuff to make sure it checks out still but I was also going to get it port matched, and a 3 angle valve job. I dont plan on taking the motor over 7400 rpm (MAX) but i;m thinking of going with an upgraded valve springs just to prevent any possible valve float. (is it worth it?) Also tryin to sell my skunk2 IM to purchase a Edelbrock victor X
I;m going for 350-400 whp and either tuned w/ hondata or possibly even uberdata @ this point. (710 cc injects)
I planned on using a T3/ T04E 57 trim (accompanied by a tial 38mm wastegate) Will that turbo give me the power goals i want w/o burning out or being TOOOO laggy?

I would definatly upgrade the valvetrain, with cams, springs, and retainers. You will be angery if you cant rev that boost high, also since you went through the effort of upgrading the bottom end, adding in cams, springs and retainers will take you safly to 8K+ RPM’s.

Besides who wants to hit boost at 4k and shift at 6k lol

Some companys, such as crower, I dont know much about others, have cams that are actually designed for turbo applications…

i wouldn’t even bother with the edlebrock victor x if you don’t plan on reving high . they claim they make the most power between 7,000 -10,000 rpms and if you are only going to rev to 7800 i think it would be a waste

yeah but the victor x flows more air dosent it. (Larger runners and wider body than my current skunk2).

i have it on a ls, i did lose power in na, but when i put my turbo it should help my top end from falling as quick

Have you considered going with a vtec head? I would think you could just pick up a vtec head cheaper than doing all of that headwork to the ls head, and you would probably have similar results. You could also rev fairly high with the vtec head which would go better with you intake manifold.