Back Again...Cable transmission stamps...anyone???

Its been a long time G2IC…Ive been looking everywhere on information on these ink stamps on cable transmissions. I have owned 12 DA9s and this is the first ive seen with a stamp at all. Its an S1 i am almost 100% its actually a Jdm b16 transmission. I cant really get on the car to tell by acceleration because my car is breaking up. Ive had it about 3 days and havent got around to troubleshooting…

Stamp on my S1 transmission. The sticker is there i am just wondering if anyone knows what stamps were put on cable transmissions?? I dont know any but most hydro transmissions with stamps showing “4” as the middle digit trace back to ITR or GSR trannys…this obviously isnt either. I cant tell if its a “4” or “A” but i am assuming its the middle digit and the rest has faded away… Only other ink stamps on transmissions say LSD and the S1 was never offered with LSD from the factory …correct me if im wrong.

Only way ive heard of telling if its really a b16 without opening, is by doing 80mph in 5th gear and seeing what rpm you are at. I know my tach is jumpy but it shows 4500 & jumps to about 4800 but does that at any cruising rpm…
Suspecting its my distributor but just found a great achived thread on troubleshooting a surging idle. (my only other problem will solve tomm.)

thanks in advance

The few stamps ive verified through friends and honda websites with pictures to show the stamp exist:

J4D LSD (ITR 2000 & 2001)
J4H LSD (ITR 97 JDM 4.40fd)
N3E LSD (98+ ITR 4.7fd)
R4 LSD (92-00 CTR Ek4 Ek9)

None of these transmissions are cable though. Ive never had a JDM cable transmission maybe thats why none of my other da9s have had a stamp…but USDM hydro transmissions can have stamps as well.


So nobody has a cable transmission with an ink stamp? Or has ever seen one?

I will check when im off work but never seen it before.

My JDM cable trans does not have an ink stamp anywhere on it…

80MPH@4500 RPM sounds like a vtec transmission for sure though.

thanks guys for responding…ive never seen another. Figured id make the thread since there was no other thread like this anywhere cable related.

Ttt… I’m suprised more members haven’t chimed in…MODS?? Anyone with any knowledge to the subject? I cannot be the only person with a stamped cable transmission…

Wow to whatever MOD moved my thread:

  1. I am not asking for help with a problem, I was seeking knowledge on something not many people know about. General discussion is more sutable for my thread not stock engine bay components…the stamp is not a part / component. This topic will die here and nothing will be gained because u moved my discussion about a transmission stamp to a help forum for stock engine bay components…

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I’ll see what my rpms doing 80 in 5th are with my short geared YS1. I know its at 4k at at 70 mph though.

Okay at 80 MPH im at 4.6 - 4.8 rpm. This is on 195/60r14 tires.

i think that’s a b16 trans…if i remember when my B16 was working i think that’s the RPMs i was turning on my integra. i cant remember though

An LS trans will be in the 3s at 80mph…

Yes I know that…only reason I posted rpm was to show it was b16 and if anyone can help with
The transmission stamps…guess nnbody has any knowledge on it…

Here are the B-series transmissions.
Not sure if this is what u are asking for but dosn’t hurt to post them up.

JDM b16a Xsi/Rsi - J1/S1
JDM b16a SiR1 - Y1
B16a2/3 -S4C
JDM b16a SiR2- Y21
JDM b16b,b18c- S80/Y80
USDM b17a1- YS1
JDM b16a1 XSi - YS1
b18a1- A1/S1/Ys1
b18b1- S80/Y80
JDM b18c SiR-G - S80/Y80
JDM b18c Type R- S80/Y80
B18c1 gsr- Y80
B18c5 type R- S80
EDM B18c R-Spec - S80

Hope this helps.

And im just taking a guess but i think it is
Might have b16 tranny internals tho.

From that list the only thing that would make sense, with the provided image, would be A1… But that’s an LS indication, whereas the gearset seems to be shorter.

That’s what i was thinking. My best guess to me it looks like a faded A-1
Which would be the 90-93 ls tranny.

i have an A-1 cable tranny in my teg which would be the LS one, But i am doing 4k rpm at 80 with the correct tire size.

I have the ink stamp on my 91 (S1) and its a JDM B16 tranny

And what does ur stamp say? Got pics??

[QUOTE=JonDiaz;2305003]That’s what i was thinking. My best guess to me it looks like a faded A-1
Which would be the 90-93 ls tranny.

i have an A-1 cable tranny in my teg which would be the LS one, But i am doing 4k rpm at 80 with the correct tire size.[/QUOTE]

But why would my S1 labled transmission have an A1 stamp? Doesn’t seem right.