base line safc2 settings

im looking base line safc2 settings for my friends teg with dsm 450cc injectors and a nice little t3 i gave him…

any help would be greatly apriciated

I dont know much about the safc2 …
I use the stand alone Megasquirt’n’Spark on my turbo ford escort

run -35% correction on every setting then drive to a shop withotu revin high or hitting boost and get her tuned. if you don’t have a wideband yourself.

we have a lm1 :slight_smile:

thnx thatll help a lot

Yep. chances aere you’ll probably be working in the area of -40% as -35% rusn you pretty rich. but it varries on each setup.

ive heard u have to run the 3bar map sensor over 10 psi??

yes you need to upgrade to a diff resolution map sensor to bosot past 10psi