best turbo for a 91 teg 1.8l GS

Hey guys im a newbie to the forums and havent posted before im also a newb with engines im just looking for everyones opinions on a turbo kits for my 91 teg 1.8l GS if u could supply a site with ur suggestion it would help thanks
oh ya if any of u guys got any pics of ur tegs send them to my email im building a scrap book thing for a project at school my email is

oh ya also what else will i have to do to my car to make it run properly after adding a turbo kit cause i dont wanna mess my car up

revhard and drag kits for the 90-93 tegs both recieved good reviews through the time ive been on the board. (drag turbo kits) is a nice company but insist their kit doesnt fit on a 90-91 again no one has answered this question for me.

also read formz tsi’s post at the top of this forum before posting further and ull have some ideas of how to start ur research. i searched to point u out to links but their is so many people that just replied search i thought i might just answer it. good luck and dave will most likely shut her down in a couple of hours.