bogging after vtec

when my vtec x-over it bogs like hell. im using the hack, so i can raise the engagment. its set a 4,400 rpm on a b16a. it definatly is the x-over and not the fuel pump or injectors because everytime at 4400 it does it. i dont mind raising it but i wanted to know why its doing this.

not really sure why, but I’ve heard of people having problems with VTEC engaging too low.

uh…a stock B16 engages Vtec near 5800 rpms…why would you think that you could lower it 1400 rpms and there wouldnt be side-effects…and what does this have to do with Forced Induction?

thats what my ecu has the vtec set at. i didnt lower it

my friends k20 hatch has a similar problem, for some reason it goes out of vtec early

my b16 hits vtec at 5000 even. not turboed of course.

i have a p72 b17 ecu, if that helps

If you are running a P72, that is a GSR ECU (1.8L), not a B16 ECU (P30) or even a B17 ECU (P61)

ok, well i knew that already but i was just saying i didnt lower it. but basically i should just raise it right?