boost question

what is the cheapest way to add boost to my stock b18a engine without having to rebuild the whole thing…i don’t need alot of boost or anything just something to add more hp

junkyard rebuilt turbo, junkyard intercooler, custom lines, custom piping. bam!

and run what… 6-7psi… and get how much horsepower and torque increase? i’m in the same boat and curious…

yea about that. My advice to all these people looking to go turbo with very little money… WAIT. Don’t do this half @ssed because thats a VERY easy way to blow your motor. Save your money and do quality work.

so then what do you recommend for saving money? most can’t afford the fmax kits or the drag… so how do you reccomend the “home built” turbo guys go about building the right… safe way?

get NEW pieces in parts. Get a manifold that fits your car, get a turbo that is meant for your car. Get an intercooler that is meant for you car. The only way I would suggest going the cheap route is doing the work yourself, and building your own IC pipes. Other then that, dont go cheap.

I wanted to turbo my g2 teg. But I couldnt afford it, so I bought a talon.

so can you reccomend any of the specific parts made for our cars?

I personally cannot name specific parts. However…

South Florida performance seems to make VERY nice custom manifolds. You can go that route for what I believe is $300 or so.

Talk to integracon or turboteg1.8, they both can tell you the specs of their turbos. (sorry to anyone I left out that is turbo.)

as for intecoolers, basically you can make anything fit with the right brackets and trimming. Just dont go HUUUUGE cause you wont need it :slight_smile: