boosted da project

well after a month and a half of owning my da I decided i needed more power so I took the turbo setup that was on my crx and put it onto my da. I am not quite done but it should be on the road by tonight

t3 .42 .48 turbo
ebay mani, intercooler, bov
chiped pm6 ecu (turboedit)
2.5 chrgepipe / exhaust
aem uego wideband
princess auto boost guage
dsm bluetop 450’s
stock internals

ok now i screwed up making my downpipe i forgot to put the cross member back in befor making my downpipe and now there is no way to put my cross member back in because my downpipe goes straight down where the cross member was. Can i leave my cross member out and still drive my car so i dont have to remake my downpipe?

you have to redo the down pipe or get a set of traction bars. that bar is the only thing supporting your suspention …

I’d be a little worried about your charge pipe that runs under your frame. that’s going to scrape won’t it? just get a set of traction bars… either avid, z10, or full-race. it will be worth it in the long run.

i changed my downpipe didnt take as long as i thought and the chargepipe in that pic is haning low i tucked it up more i drove it last night it isnt running to bad10 psi is fun :smiley:

nice that its turboed, I dont wanna knock you or you car or nothin but lmk how that holds up for ya that manifold prolly wont last long

why??? Have you used it?

ssauto crap FTL!!! that ebay intercooler will hold up to about 400hp so it will be fine. to bad about ur downpipe. i hate our front crossmember

yeah im allready looking into getting a new mani and i dont see why people think these motors are weak 10psi with this little turbo will be fine i know many people that have run 11-13 psi on old beat up dseries motors its all in the tuning. and does anyone know of any good placed to get my car dyno tuned in the 604 area?