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Hi everyone! Very happy to see the site back up and running. I used the site back in the early 2000’s. Had a number of integras back then, my first car in 99 was a 4 door automatic LS. I had a Horizon Grey 92 as well. I got into tracking/racing and decided to build an integra. It was originally meant to be a Honda Challenge car for NASA but one thing led to another and it ended up boosted. The car recently caught fire at the track due to an oil feed line to the turbo being too close to hot parts, but I’m in the process of cleaning it up and getting back on track.

I won’t provide an exhaustive list of modifications, because I can’t remember well. The gist:
Motor: B20 w/ P8R head, Garrett GT30R, inlinepro stainless manifold, Hondata S300 w/ Boost by gear, some 1000cc injectors. Makes ~ 240whp and some torque.
Cooling: ebay radiator, SPAL, mishimoto fan switch and thermostat, hood louvers.
Transmission: Syncrotech LS with Quaife LSD
Chassis: Full roll cage, no interior beyond seats, using a tablet as the gauge cluster, some NRG stuff with a momo monte carlo wheel. Entire chassis rewired by yours truly. Big wing. Lexan rear windows and hatch. weight with a full tank of gas ~ 2100.
Suspension: solid ASR rear bar, S3Suspension coilovers, 14k/12kg.
Wheels and tires: 15x7 Avanti Storm w/ g-force rivals
Exterior: Bad rustoleum paint job covered by an even worse vinyl wrap. Carbon fiber hood.

Also threw in a picture of my CTR that I sold during the COVID car crisis to make some profit…

Glad to be back! Trying to find the old teg tips about using the rear 4 door handles on the coupe to “shave” the locks, but maybe I’m thinking of something else.

Perhaps this link will help.

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Very helpful, but I’m to this part, which is where I’ve been stuck. :frowning: the bit about, see teg tips. @NFULFX are the teg tips hidden in a top secret location?

take the metal piece that was connected to the rod out of the handle and screw it back onto the rod. attach your new handle, with hole already drilled (see teg tip), to the rod by popping the metal piece into the white clip on the handle. now put the handle back in. BE CAREFUL when doing this. i chipped both my handles and some of the paint on my car, but i fixed it with touch-up paint and it’s not really noticeable.

They have not been uploaded yet. Working on it. I can send you a PDF or something in the meantime though if you tell me which tip.

I found the article here: 2DR To 4DR Handle Installation. - #2 by DeathMetalTony
Also, received the decals. Thanks for shipping quick! Now to find some where to slap them…

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