boosting @ 0 psi

hellow everyone…i just installed my turbo kit and boost gauge and its telling me im running at 0 psi…the vacuum is normal at like -19 or -20 but will not go past 0 psi…my wastegate is set to stock at 7lbs and we never touched it…can anyone help me solved this problem? do i have a leak or something? also does anyone know how to hook up a apexi avc-r? thanks

Most likely a piece of your piping has popped off. Sorry don’t have an AVC-R.

thanks integracon…i checked all of my pipes and it was one of them that came off…thanks for your help!

How do you have the vacuum lines connected to the wastegate? How do you have the boost gauge hooked up? How is the BOV hooked up? Was the engine under load when it read 0psi?

Don’t know how to install a AVCR…the directions would be a good place to start though…