Boosting with age!?

I have a 91 GS with 105,000k miles on it. It runs great and has no problems. I want to boost low levels like 5 or 6 psi, do I really need to rebuild my enine before I do this?

Do a compression check. Yes you can boost 5-6 psi as long as your engine is in good shape. No-one is a fortune teller for these kind of things, the only way to be certain is to rebuild your engine. But generally if your compression numbers are good you should be able to handle 5-6 psi easily. I have 82k miles and I boost 11psi on a stock block and head. It’s been good for over 6 months now.

Yeah, I checked my compression on all 4 cylinders without disabling fuel and they all read 184psi which I am told is good. I have 107,000 miles on it too. Do you think an intercooler will really do that much with such a low boosted application?


Yes you should run an intercooler. Even if it’s small. It’s always a good idea in order to fend off detonation.