bought quaife

I blew my diff the other day so I bought a new one. It took me a while to decide between the kaaz and quaife unit. I hear good things about the two and the way both of them work gives you benefits that the other one doesn’t have. after searching for hours on the net and talking to people I bought a quaife. I hope that it’s what people makes it to be. I’m more in to drag racing and the kaaz might have been a better deal but the fact that they can break and the maintence I didn’t like. people with quaifes, I read from some people that if you ahve wheel hop the quaife acts as if it was an open diff, is this true with your experiences? thanks for the replys

quaife is best lsd for drag racing at least. kaaz can & does break. good choice. if your alignment is right, and suspension bushings & engine mounts are good, you shouldn’t really have any problems with wheelhop. but if you see that your bushings are cracked, it’d be a good thing to replace them.