cams for nitrous

what is the best all around cams for an ls a stage 2. obx just cam out with a stage 2 cam for the ls. whats the power gain on the stage 2 cames. will i lose botom end torque and gain top end or will i gain all around.

personally I wouldn’t ever put anything as critical as cams in my motor if OBX makes them…personally my new nitrous motor I’m building, I used Crower 403 cams, got them for a nice deal. they require the crower valve train kit, but n/a they show ~15hp gain when tuned accodring to Crower…combined with the nitrous they should be great! you probably will lose some low end though. save up for some quality cams like crower or get some regrinds, IMO steer clear of the OBX cams.

im still sold on the rocket motorsports L21 regrinds. they are like $225 shipped and if you need something more radical he can cut you a custom billet cam for about double that price (price similar to the crower billets). totally worth it imho.

btw this is on a ported head b20 with s2 intake on spray. all i need are the cams :slight_smile: