Can I turn my high beam to fogs

dunno if someone can answer this but…
since im from Australia and we got diff headlights to USDM and JDM… can i just change the bulb and turn my highbeam into a fog light or not lol
and what sort of bulb is the highbeam… does anyone know ?


The normal “high beam” is part of the low beam bulb - both filaments in 1 bulb, with what you guys use as headlights setup as fogs.

It’d be difficult without aquiring a set of JDM 702k bulbs and the appropriate wiring.

The H4H’s are dual filament are they not? Maybe you could modify the original low beam plug to accept the high beam wiring, and then run new wires (and switch) for the fog portion and just keep using the H3’s in there?

I’d have a look at a pic of the JDM wiring and then see how it differs from ours.

I say we go wreckering and look at a few JDM fronts.

Oh and as an aside, Hontoys in Yennora got in a Rio Red LS the other day and were meant to get a white LS in as well on Friday.

They are - however, the Australian version has a different setup. They have the JDM headlamp assemblies, without the yellow cover on what would normally be considered a “fog light” (that’s the high beam for them). I believe they do indeed use the H4H - I’m not sure what the laws are regarding high beams there though. There has to be a good reason for them to ditch the fogs and run BOTH of those as high beams.

Thats correct… we have the JDM assembly but without fog lights
and we do have the duel filament H4H… but where the JDM/USDM headlights have fogs… we have an extra highbeam with is damn bright (which i also never use)
thats what i wanted to change to a foglight…which is why i wanna know what sort of globe it is…

if i take a pic of it would someone know by looking at it ?

manuel i wanted to go look for some JDM headlights at the wreckers but then i thought just changing the highbeam globe to a lower wattage bulb would be easier… and also wouldnt require the rewiring…

Sorry stateofbean, for some reason I didn’t see your first post when I went to post.

Aussie laws are pretty full on, I always thought it may have had something to do with the height of the fogs off the ground. I’m actually suprised the tegs were allowed here with plastic headlights, many other, if not most cars of that era, had their plastic lenses swapped for glass.

Andrew I guess you could put in a yellow H3 and then rewire the high beam to work independently of the headlights, sorta copying the US fog mod. That way you could present your ‘fog light’ as a high beam come inspection time.

Is this a lighting performance or a looks mod?

I have compared the AUDM and the USDM/JDM foglights before at a wrecker in melb and the JDM ones actually have a yellow lense in them to make it light up yellow, the same globe is used for both tho which is a 55watt H3. so id asume that the only difference is the wiring? Because thats the only difference i could figure out.
Id say it wouldnt be too hard to wire up the high beam h3 to a seperate switch so then you can have the high beam in the h4h and then the separate fog light as well?
SOunds like a project!!!

The JDM ones actually use a 35W H3 instead of the 55W, but other than the yellow glass, the housings are identical. I used 55W H3’s in my JDM housings with no ill effects, aside from the bulbs burning out quicker due to the yellow glass trapping the extra heat.

And yes, the only difference is the wiring. You may be able to find a dash switch fairly easily (don’t know if fog lights were offered on AUDM G2’s, if not, you could source one from the wrecker that you saw the JDM G2 at). Wiring would be a simple matter of running a +12V from the switch to the lights and disconnecting them from the factory loom.

thats interesting…
so basically just change the bulb to a yellow 35w and thats it… (other then the basic wiring)
i can still turn them on using the high beam switch but theyll only come on with the headlights…

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but i am in the process of converting my AUDM headlights to have a fog light in them, but i am doing it so that i can turn the fog’s on with out the headlights on, but also to turn the fogs on with my high beams… kinda confusing yes, but relatively simple to do
Also the use of a JDM fog light switch, which can be found in most jap/us models will help the process quite dramatically (Looks shit hot too!!)

Ill let you guys know how i go!!

i get my car back tomorrow after my little crash !
now have JDM headlights in there… so i will have to rewire as well if i want my foggies on a separate switch…

the difference between the JDM foggy and the AUDM high beam is that there is a little box in the JDM foggy which im thinking the yanks refer to as the “glare gaurd” ? which stops the beam shining directly out of the headlight so it doesnt reflect into people eyes

you would be correct with the glare guard, and also rather than using a 55w globe like in the AUDM, the JDM model uses a 35w, so less glare in ppls eyes.
BTW, i will finish wiring my foggies tomorrow morning. Ill get fotos, and post em on Ozhonda, when its back up

mine are done !! woot woot

yo crispy… could u pm me or email me to quickly show how u rewired our high beams to fogs… I understand everything that needs to be done but just curious how u actually connected the wires to the rewired fogs. CHEERS!

i also need to rewire mine coz they only come on with the highbeams…

maybe if you could draw a circuit diagram !! that would help heeeeeeaps coz i cant be bothered figuring it out

hahaha yeh same here andrew…

someone who already knows is a much easier fix!! :giggle:

I have done this in my LS but the problem is that you cant use both at the same time, you see I have converted my globes to H1s and in doing so I had to rewire the harness meaning that I can use my driving lights but when I change to Hi beams the driving lights turn off and the Hi beams/Fogs stay on!

This is soon to change since I will be installing a 6500K HID kit on my car by late next week, I shall post pics once done in another thread…

Well seeing as there is a big demand, i shall post up a diagram for setting up your “high beams” to work as separate fog lights, and also with high beams… Post shall be up later!!!

Heres a pic… yes it may be crappy but ill explain it… pretty simple really

Well what you need to do is get a switch, either jdm or other, then hook that up to a power source, ie. accessories from the interior fuse box, or tap into another switches power, like i have done. Now you need to run the “power out” of the switch through the firewall to a suitable spot for a relay. The switch part is now complete. With the relay i have shown a 5 pin relay, this is not required, a 4 pin will be fine. Hook that sucka up to power, make sure you use a fuse between the battery and the relay though. Then connect the ground pin of the relay to a decent ground. Then hook up the power out signal wire from the switch to the relay. Almost done. when i wired the lights what i did was locate the h3 connecter in the back of the headlight then tapped a wire into the (RED/Black tracer) wire, i went from the passenger light to the drivers light, then connected the wire which i just tapped into the passenger light, to the drivers light wire which is the same colour (you will know what i am talking about when you do it). Then you need to tap a wire either again into the h3 connector wire or alternatively into the newly connected wire, then the wire you just connected goes to the relay… Done!!

Now the pic is pretty self explainitory, but remember to fuse the lead going to +ve on the battery. If you have any q’s just ask!!

I would get pics but its raining outside and you know what they look like anyway.
Overall this is a great mod, and if you get yourself some yellow 35w globes, the highbeams will have that JDM goodness!!

im so confused :shrug:
cant u just disconnect the wires from your old high beam switch… to another switch ?