Can I used an Audi B5 A4 K03 turbo in my LS?

I just picked up a free K03 turbo from an Audi B5 A4. The turbo looks really small but it’s still in excellent condition. It was pulled from the car at 40K miles.

My question is if it’s a good idea to use this turbo for an LS? Anybody have any experience with this turbo?

too small
look for at lease a t3

Cool thanks! And when I do find a good turbo, I’m coming to YOUR house for the install! :whisper: :clap:

I was in my local junkyard and found a t3 turbo on a 92 mercedez and i wanted to know if that can be used for a start up kit?
I asked this question before in another thread about a volvo turbo but was told it wound be a crapshoot… any thoughts on what i should look for???

i think both those turbos are of the same trim and A/R… i think the only difference is the flanges… if it indeed is a .42/.48 than i’ve heard both goo and bad things about them… personally i think that if you are using it as a starter turbo, than it would be great, quick spooling but you wouldn’t get crazy hp with it