Can you run A/C with compressor on driver side?

I looked at a compressor on driver side set up, and it looked good… 2 questions…

will I be able to keep A/C?

What radiator? (the one that is thicker, and only on one side) ?

How much will an oil cooler setup be?

If my goal at the maximum is 300 horsepower, what is the perfect size turbo/ a/r for it?

thanks you smart guys you :open_mouth:


Are you doing it for the looks or for the function? With our engine bays being relatively short on space- go with what works. Member qwickteg125 has his compressor mounted on the driver’s side with a civic radiator(twice the thickness 1/2 the length. No AC, though. As 1 of the few turbo/AC guys on the board, I have mine mounted on the passenger side-really tight fit, though- ask my hacksaw… There is no way your going to keep AC the other way. Check out member Haberdasher’s oil cooler setup. The standard T3/t4 hybrid will give you 300 to the wheels without too much lag.

well I wanted to do the compressor to the driver side, because it seemed as if I could keep a/c and power steering without any pipes or wastegates causing me to take either off. It seemed as if the compressor and intake pipe was exactly in the middle of the PS and A/C compressor.

I live in tucson arizona, and A/C is something I would really enjoy keeping.

Also, the only site I found to buy brand new garrett’s is from

the smallest I could find was the t3/to4e…

And it was $550 for that. After seeing the prices for used turbos on ebay, I think I’m going to go with a brand spanking new snail.

My oil cooler set up cost me $300 ($150 for the cooler and $150 for the stainless braided lines with fittings). The set up knocked off well over 30* from the oil temps. Here are some pics that aren’t on my website…